Wednesday, March 4, 2015

X-Men #25 Spoilers

Spoilers: Monet keeps fighting monster-like creatures within the cave, when Jubilee contacts her and tells about Beast's findings concerning the Kree. Monet orders Jubilee to head to New Attilan and seek Medusa for explanations. Monet tries to get back to Rachel and Psylocke but ends up slipping; rocks falling all over her. M daydreams of her family; her mother telling her words of strenght and encouragement. In New Attilan, Medusa tells Jubilee that the Kree haven't run any experiments in Earth in thousands of years. Monet manages to contact Rachel telepathically. Rachel tells her she needs to tap into both M and Psylocke's TK abilities to lift heavy stuff. While the three of them are connected, they realize the place has a memory: in 1944, a sort of detonation carried out by humans made that particular place as unstable as it is.


FSaker said...

...Okay, so Psylocke's "explosive" discovery was about an old detonation (and it was more of a group discovery than her own discovery)? And Medusa's trail led to nowhere?

That's a bit anticlimatic. Hopefully the final issue of this arc will impress a little more than this. But Wilson gave each character a distinct voice, and that's great.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Coipel needs to return STAT. I've been extremely unamused by basically all of the pencils (save for Dodson and Larocca... and I still prefer Olivier) since his
muxh prefer him to them)

CmX said...

Rahsaan, Coipel isn't coming back at this point lol

Not only is the book no longer solicited beginning in May, but the sales couldn't warrant Coipel drawing the book.

Bottom Line: They don't have the budget for him, and it's cancelled anyway.