Friday, March 27, 2015

FOX Casting X-Men's Psylocke

Jeff Sneider announced ' a little scoop' and said Fox are casting for Psylocke in Apocalypse at 9:14

Omega Underground: Jeff Sneider from The Wrap has revealed on Meet The Movie Press that Fox and Bryan Singer are currently casting for the role of Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse, but doesn’t mention names.

It’s another fan-favorite character not unlike Jubilee and Gambit that Fox is finally giving us, like Jubilee was given a bit of screentime as a villain X-Men The Last Stand, but was never really given a true adaptation. There’s some hope she could end-up more heroic with this version of the character.

There are plenty of ways Bryan Singer and Fox could go with casting Psylocke. We know that Moira MacTaggert is coming back and Elizabeth Braddock started in the Marvel comics as a British spy, and could be friendly with her C.I.A. counterpart maybe being an MI6 agent. Her mind wasn’t transferred into her iconic Japanese body and given awesome ninja training until later-on in the X-Men comics.

They could aim to hire either an English or Asian actress for the role. Introducing her would make a lot of sense with an X-Force script from Jeff Wadlow is likely being one of the next X-Men projects in the pipeline, Psylocke being the modern team leader of the group makes sense to include her in that film.


FSaker said...

Great news! Hopefully this time she won't be a villain with two lines and less than five minutes of screen time who ends up dying.

Though I suspect whatever participation Psylocke may get in this film won't be big, anyway. But after one film with her completely out of character and five other films with Betsy completely absent, even if she only gets a small cameo (again, as long as she's not a villain, her powers are portrayed correctly and she doesn't end up dying), I'm satisfied.

Vigmed said...

"It’s another fan-favorite character not unlike Jubilee and Gambit that Fox is finally giving us, like Jubilee was given a bit of screentime as a villain X-Men The Last Stand, but was never really given a true adaptation."

Jubilee was in that movie?

ComicBookGeek said...

Are we going to get a Psylocke we want post Secret Wars?

FSaker said...

"Jubilee was in that movie?"

She was, but whoever wrote that article confused them. Psylocke was the one who was a villain in The Last Stand; Jubilee was a student in Xavier's school. Jubilee barely appeared in that film (although, in her defense, she was present in all of the three first films). Hopefully both of them will have more important roles this time.

By the way, I'm surprised no one said yet whether the Psylocke in this film should be caucasian or Asian. To me, honestly, both possibilities are fine.

Brunch on Sundays said...

One possibility as to why they're keeping her casting under wraps: they don't want to reveal if it's British or Asian Psylocke yet.

One other possible reason why: they cast both.

Perhaps they cast a British Betsy that Apocalypse targets for one of his four, and her conversion to Asian is an aspect of her transformation into his horseman. Perhaps his "creativity" is to merge British Betsy's psychic powers with Asian Betsy's physical force.

If she's a Horseman, my guess would be war. Her power signature doesn't seem to be a fit for the concepts of Famine or Pestilence so far, and Archangel would be death. But who knows how inventive they can get.

My guess for Jubilee: they're going to give her an early Madonna mallrat look, sort of like Boom Boom was in the original X-Factor.

I HOPE DAZZLER IS IN THE FILM! They need to give her an alleyway scene where she is confronted by thugs at night, so her powers can light up the streets. She could have a breathtaking scene set to music, the way Quicksilver's did in DOFP.

Brunch on Sundays said...

Also, please do not cast Jamie Chung as Psylocke. Not a good fit. The actor needs to have a sort of aristocratic character in both appearance and mannerisms.

Unknown said...

How exciting! Personally I'd rather see a Japanese woman get the role. Even with so many superhero movies, there's still a real lack of diversity going on.

Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be a way better version (and way better movie) than X3.

pound my cakes! said...

By the way people! That wasn't Psylocke in X3. It was Tommy the Morlock. Tommy made an appearance in The animated series and was murdered by Scalphunter in the comics.