Friday, March 27, 2015

Secret Wars' "Inferno" Advanced Preview

 "Inferno" #1 debuts from Marvel Comics on May 27 as part of "Secret Wars."


FSaker said...

Even though the Outback armor would look VERY out of place nowadays, it was a very cool uniform for Psylocke back in the 1980s, so I'm glad to see it once again.

Unfortunately, I guess she'll only appear in a couple of pages, then either be killed by Maddy's demons or run away and somehow be unable to return to help Colossus's group. After all, we know the heroes in this tie-in are Colossus, Nightcrawler, Domino and Boom-Boom (how Boom-Boom can be a main character in a Secret Wars tie-in and Psylocke isn't a main character in ANY of them is beyond me...).

Oh well, at least she's not completely ignored in Secret Wars, so that's cool! And hey, hopefully she'll be a main character in whatever tie-in House of M may get (maybe she won't, but then, why would Marvel ask the artist to place her in the teaser when she didn't even appear in HoM's main miniseries?).

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Now, now, Fsaker... That bubblehead, Tabitha was introduced during the original Secret Wars, no? Perhaps, Marvel is paying homage to the dunce.

FSaker said...

Actually, no: she was introduced during Secret Wars II (the one where the Beyonder comes to Earth, dates Dazzler, etc... the one with several tie-ins, while the original Secret Wars event was self-contained in its miniseries). And the current Secret Wars seems to be inspired in the original Secret Wars, not in Secret Wars II.

But, in Tabitha's defense, she was in the original Inferno event - even though she wasn't very relevant there. That's more than we can say about Domino, who was only introduced in the 1990s yet is going to be present in this Inferno tie-in book.