Wednesday, November 19, 2014

X-Force #12 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke pulls Hope back successfully from the Yellow Eye mainframe. The remainder of the team talks about how Cable could employ Fantomex even knowing he was unstable, and why he apparently forgot he'd sent Domino off on a solo job just before Alexandria. The arrival of fresh stormtroopers snaps Betsy out of her funk, and as she wipes them out she acknowledges that it's wrong and doesn't care, and perhaps likes the fact that Cable in his current state can't be relied on to pull her back from the edge, though Hope seemingly still can. They confront the mastermind, who pleads - in the process, letting everyone else know that Betsy's been shagging Cable on the sly - before Betsy cuts him open...and out pops Mojo. The ratings of his original gladiator program fell and, rather than get stuck hosting educational TV, he escaped to Earth with enough advanced tech to start anew, and saw an opportunity with anti-mutant hatred running high. Cable shoves a gun in Mojo's face and demands the keys to the Yellow Eye network, but apparently its breakdown failsafe has already triggered. Mojo goes back to pleading, spitting out some more lurid secrets the team's been keeping from each other and before Betsy can stop him, he's grassed up 'MeMe's identity to Cable. This does not go down well with Nate. After much Summers family drama and some exchanged insults, the team plants C4 everywhere and make a break for it, with Mojo captive. Suddenly they come across Dr. Nemesis and another Cable, who broke into the facility while the main team distracted everyone and so got to the mainframe before it could crash. Both Nates are unapologetic about this deception, and Psylocke tries to kill one of them, only for Hope to stop her, saying "he's not worth it". Fantomex returns, now with green tentacles growing out of his head-hole, and slaps everyone around with psychic blasts. It turns out that, through hacking Hope-as-MeMe's mind, Fantomex was able to copy the psychic abstract version of the Volga virus that Hope accidentally caught from Cable back in Alexandria, and thanks to it being digitized through their respective mechanical minds, Fantomex was able to iron out the self-destructing flaws in the process, and having his brain 'rebooted' by death got the whole shebang functional. Fantomex teases Hope to the point of breakdown before one of the two Cables tries to take him out with the music-triggered self-destruct. Fantomex counters by telekinetically crushing him into nothing. Ignoring Hope's advice, Psylocke charges with her sword out, but Fantomex disarms her and rips the entire team apart with projectiles launched from his wings Archangel style. The issue ends with Fantomex standing over everyone's corpses and a flickering Hope hologram smiling.


FSaker said...

Um... are we sure these are corpses? I haven't seen the final panel, but if their bodies are still intact (that is, no one is dismembered, decapitated, with guts and internal organs spilling out of their torsos, etc.), Fantomex may have just knocked them out (even severely injuring them), not really killed them. But if they're actually dead, okay, we know they will be revived somehow by next issue.

Speaking of next issue, could it be the one where ForgetMeNot will either be revived or reveal that he never really died? I really hope his appearance in the covers for issues #13, #14 and #15 isn't just to mislead the readers; hopefully it means he's really coming back.

You know, I think Spurrier's X-Force lineup would be perfect for the announced X-Force film (including Dr. Nemesis, Domino and ForgetMeNot). Sure, some things might freak out the audience (like Cable being a bunch of clones that die by the end of the day), and some things should be just ignored (like Psylocke's body swap, or Hope being the mutant messiah, or Fantomex's brains split between three different bodies), and Deadpool (the real one, not the mess shown in Wolverine's solo film) would be a nice inclusion... but I think it could really work.

Harry S. said...

@Fsaker, they're all dismembered by the issues end.

FSaker said...

@Harry S. - Oh... that's a problem, then.

I see some people are theorizing that Hope mimicked Fantomex's misdirection power and that the X-Force's corpses may be an illusion. While I would love that to be true, there are two problems with this theory:

1) Hope's body isn't next to Fantomex, only MeMe's technologic projection is. I'm not sure she can mimic other people's powers if her body isn't near them (otherwise she wouldn't need Psylocke to rescue her mind).

2) Even if she could do it, didn't Humphries's run establish that Fantomex no longer has misdirection powers? When his brains were split into three different bodies, Weapon XIII (a.k.a. Dark Fantomex) stayed with the misdirection ability. And a previous issue of Spurrier's X-Force established that this is really Fantomex, not Weapon XIII posing as Fantomex (we saw Fantomex's thoughts and know he's actually searching for XIII and for Cluster), right?

Nevertheless, I'm sure they'll be alive again by next issue (well, maybe Cable's current clone won't, but he would die anyway, and another one will soon come to replace him). Hopefully, ForgetMeNot will also be alive again by next issue.