Monday, November 17, 2014

Claremont Explores "Nightcrawler" Post-Afterlife

CBR News spoke with Chris Claremont about Nightcrawler's feelings on death and resurrection, his coming confrontation with the Shadow King, and the appeal of a long-term collaboration with artist Todd Nauck.

The last time the Shadow King was part of a major story was in "Uncanny X-Force." At the end of that story he was in the custody of Kurt's friend and former Excalibur teammate Captain Britain. Will you get to write Captain Britain again in this story?

Claremont: No, the original story concept involved Kurt and Brian [Braddock AKA Captain Britain], activities in England and reunions with old friends. I think Daniel's concern as Editor is to keep the book more focused and more essential than in my case, where I'll throw in everything plus the kitchen sink just to keep it interesting and provide more possibilities down the road. So what we have is consistent with established continuity with a few modifications.


FSaker said...

Claremont is the one responsible for turning the X-Men into a deep, bold and successful franchise, and he's responsible for making Psylocke be the popular X-Man she is nowadays (rather than leaving her as Captain Britain's supporting character who would eventually fade into editorial limbo). One can never thank him enough for his contributions to the X-Men.

That said, I'm not convinced that he's following the UXF chronology concerning the Shadow King's return. In this interview, he shows he's not even following his own chronology: he says Nightcrawler was still in Excalibur when Bloody Bess first appeared, but by then Kurt had long returned to the X-Men. I don't remember if he actually talked to her, but he was definitely present in the arc where Bloody Bess had her first (and only, until now) appearance.

Marlene Detierro said...
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