Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nightcrawler #8 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: Nightcrawler gets a distress call from Bloody Bess and teleports to help her. She explains that the Crimson Pirates were on a mission to retrieve the female member of the Omega Clan from stasis and all of them got infected by Shadow King except for Bess, thanks to her psychic defenses. The two run around the West China Desert, fighting off the mind-controlled pirates and the Shadow King. The rest of the X-Men (Storm, Psylocke, Rachel, Colossus, Beast and Iceman) show up, instantly get taken over by Shadow King and Nightcrawler prepares to fight them.


Leo Polonia said...

Shadow King taking over Psylocke and Rachel? I never read any of those issues, but wtf?!

FSaker said...

Yeah, as someone at the X-Books forums said, Shadow King will always take over everyone EXCEPT whoever is Claremont's current pet character at the time. It makes no sense that he would be able to take over Psylocke's and Rachel's minds despite both of them having previously defeated him (we could even add Storm to this list), while Kurt (who has NO defense against psychic attacks) isn't dominated as well.

On the other hand, at least Betsy is being used in a considerable role in a book that is neither X-Force (which I LOVE, but let's be honest, it will probably be cancelled by issue #15), nor Adjectiveless X-Men (which has been quite hit-or-miss ever since the Battle of the Atom crossover). If Claremont's love for her still exists, she may even become a regular supporting character for Nightcrawler in a good way.

I still don't get why he chose Bloody Bess to this story, though.

Leo Polonia said...

I agree but his "love" for her gave us fans a series of continuity issues, especially in regard of her powers.

I do like him but can't help wondering what was he thinking.

CmX said...

It was so lame how he emphasized Bloody Bess wasn't possessed because of her psy-defenses, yet SK took over Psylocke & Rachel instantly, wtf?

And at least he explained that Kurt's experiences from the afterlife somehow altered the effect of an extremely dark being like the Shadow King.

CmX said...

--One more thing, I wouldn't worry about CC writing Psylocke in Nightcrawler. I doubt he has the power to make any real changes to her character in this book. He doesn't have dibs on her. Right now it's Spurrier & the writers of Adj. XMen.

She's fine, guys. Let's just enjoy it :)

FSaker said...

Oh, I am enjoying it! What concerns me, though, is that there are very strong rumors that X-Force may be cancelled after issue #15 - and Adj. X-Men may not last much longer, either (its sales are going down, and unless the Ms. Marvel's writer can attract a lot of readers, it doesn't seem that most readers are interested in this book at all).

In case these two books end up being cancelled, I would like to see Betsy safe in other X-title. And with ANXF being cancelled, Remender mentioning somewhere that Marvel didn't let him add her to the cast in Uncanny Avengers and Bendis clearly having no interest in her (considering how he killed Exodus and forgot him in only two panels, maybe it's better that Bendis stays away from her), the only options for her would be Amazing X-Men (which already has a huge cast) or Nightcrawler's solo book...

CmX said...

When XForce ends (and I'm sure if adj ends it will be relaunched) I doubt Psylocke will be left out in the cold, not while Alonso is still in charge.

He recently tweeted a picture, and I could see a Psylocke statue sitting on his office desk lol

Never fear. When ANXF, XForce & Adj all end, there will be replacement titles and Psylocke will be in the mix somewhere.

Leo Polonia said...

I always had the impression that whenever Psylocke was getting "too popular" Marvel would either kill her or put her in some limbo.

Is that only me?? I remember she won a "Best Female Fatale" poll on their official website back in the nineties (yes, call me a whiner) against Elektra and others and was stuck on some limbo for quite a while after that.

Ever since that, I always had that impression. Elektra first (they even gave her Betsy's uniform, for christ's sake), Emma later... forbiding Remender to take her to his title even after the massive success of his X-Force run that, let's face it, gave Psylocke quite a spotlight.


Nightlock said...

Leo Polonia: You said Remender wanted Psylocke to be in Uncanny Avengers but was forbidden? By who? I'm very curious. Haha she would of be awesome in that series especially with Remender writing it.

FSaker said...

Changing subjects, issue #12 of X-Force will be on sale next week:

Betsy's psychic persona apparently likes to hang out naked (aaaand... I think I may have seen a nipple in one of the panels).

Nevertheless, Domino's portrayal in these preview pages may be one of the best she ever had. She feels much more human and less like a stereotypical shallow action girl. I still agree with Betsy's criticism of her, though. I wonder if she'll join the team this issue (and if Fantomex is dead, or is alive and will leave the team, or is alive and will remain in the team despite of what he did last issue).