Thursday, November 20, 2014

Uncanny X-Men #28 Art


Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Hey, guys. Here's a link that shows a rare image of Jim Lee's British Betsy from his very first issue of Uncanny, "The Cradle Will Fall."

Scroll down to the scene of Psylocke swimming when she is approached by Nanny. The blogger mistakenly credits Marc Silvestri, but issue No. 248 was all Jim pencils.

He drew a good pre-Siege Perilous Psylocke:

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Second page:

FSaker said...

Beautiful images, indeed. Thanks for sharing them!

As for this week's issue of UXM, nice to see the 1990s Blue Team represented. I think it's one of the best lineups the X-Men ever had; it's a shame that when it was adapted to the animated series, Psylocke was removed from the team (maybe the producers considered her outfit too revealing for little kids to watch... then again, the way they colored Jean's and Sabretooth's uniforms made it look like they were almost naked most of the time).

Rahsaan Chisolm said...


My pleasure. Glad you appreciated them. Re: exclusion of Bets from TAS. I know! They also probably included Jean, so they could re-imagine the The Dark Phoenix Saga.

Looking at Jim lee's Psylocke, it shows that he could've rendered a great British Bets. Sigh. I'll stop now before that starts a whole debate. You all already know my stance on the matter. LOL.

As a side note: British Betsy was tier to her supermodel roots than Japanese Betsy. I was looking through some old books from when Silvestri was penciling. She always had all these different hairstyles when out of uniform and looked very elegant.