Wednesday, May 7, 2014

X-Men: No More Humans Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: The X-Men awaken to find all the world's humans gone. From normal everyday folks to the Avengers and Fantastic Four. All Homo Sapiens have disappeared. The clashing factions of the X-Men are forced together as they search for a way to bring the humans back, but not everyone misses the "weaker" species.


FSaker said...

Great! I was worried that Betsy might be forgotten in this graphic novel... should have known better, considering how Carey repeatedly said how he likes her.

Nice to see her kicking some ass, and it's cool to see teen Jean helping her. And the art looks good, as well.

Snarky Grin said...

I love it. Mountain thrower FTW!

pound my cakes! said...

Don't forget guys that Salvador La Rocca also loves to draw her. And only he or who ever colours his work know Psylocke true hair colour.

FSaker said...

Really? I didn't know Larocca loves to draw Psylocke. That may explain why his art wasn't as good in X-Treme X-Men after she died (the issues in which she appeared in X-Treme were gorgeous).

I was reading some spoilers from this No More Humans book, and it seems amazing! Seems to be quite an epic adventure featuring all the big X-Men (...well, except Gambit and Colossus, who are currently out of any X-Men team; I won't count Teen Cyclops as missing, since Adult Cyclops is in it and they're the same person), and the best part: it's a self-contained story. I hope it eventually gets released in Brazil.