Thursday, May 1, 2014

X-Force #4 Spoilers

Spoilers: Fantomex seeks E.V.A. for guidance when he’s on the verge of an emotional breakdown. He tells E.V.A. about X-Force’s latest mission: chasing an agile, cat-controlling girl named Anaïs in Paris. Due to Anaïs enhanced senses, MeMe was the only one able to get close to her and deploy an odor-tag on the girl without her knowing. Fantomex chased her. Cable and MeMe watch from afar. He orders MeMe to shut down Anaïs communication devices once she starts detailing Fantomex to her allies. Despite his best efforts, Anaïs manages to flee using cats against Fantomex. Psylocke informs Fantomex of the girl’s whereabouts. Anaïs heads into the sewer, but Marrow blocks the tunnel. Fantomex starts chasing Anaïs again, but not too much avail. Cable then shoots Anaïs with a suspended animation bullet which makes it look like she’s dead; and X-Force cover up and wait for her allies to come to her rescue. Once they arrive, Psylocke translates whatever they’re saying in French as Fantomex reveals he can’t actually speak French. Anaïs’s allies call a “necromancer” who reads the brains of the dead so they can find out how she died. The Necromancer finds out Anaïs not actually dead, but Fantomex subdues them before they can make a move. X-Force take the Necromancer to heir HQ and make him read the brain of Antonio. The Necromancer finds out Antonio has been stealing technologies in other worlds on the orders of Volga. While E.V.A. listens to Fantomex’ story, she tells him his problem is that everyone [Anaïs, MeMe, Psylocke, Cable, Nemesis and even the Necromancer] outdid him in some way and he can’t come to terms that there are people better than him as he was programmed to think he is perfect. E.V.A. says his only solution is simply to murder anyone who’s better than him.


Eric Ton said...

Great issue done by Simon Spurrier. I really think the author is actually understanding what each and every single characters are going through right now. It seems like the main characters are trying retrieve what they have lost in their lives and finding some way to redeem themselves. We notice how Psylocke is trying see the fact of what she truly is right, while Cable is making huge sacrifices to save his daughter. Lastly, Fantomex, what are we going to do about you.

FSaker said...

Spurrier is really doing a great job with this book. Now we know why Fantomex is acting in such an annoying way; apparently when Deadpool placed each of his brains in a different body, it damaged him more than we thought at first.

The nice thing about this approach is, it also justifies somehow why he did what he did to Betsy in Humphries's run. He's not the person he used to be (that, and he may have noticed her recently admitted murdering addiction; maybe he was trying to make her realize this problem). As for E.V.A... she's scary now. Fantomex's body split probably affected her as well.

Another great thing was the presentation of France's superteam (...French Avengers?). This idea of each country having its own team of superbeings, if done right, can add a lot of diversity to the Marvel universe (which is currently too focused on USA) and even develop how the political relations between countries affect the way how one national team interacts with the other.

I hope Marvel won't cancel this book anytime soon; its sales may be low, but it can bring a lot of innovation to their universe. Plus, despite what critics said at first (now CBR is just ignoring it, while IGN changed completely its opinion), it's a really good book.

Eduardo said...

Did Wolverine ever got any worried just as Betsy is about herself with her issue of killing? I mean, after their X-Force parted ways? It would be interesting to see that. Logan has much more blood in his hands than she does. Now that he is the director of the school, I would like to see their reflection about this issue, as they both have seen what happens in that future where Betsy was showed older. Betsy and Wolverine were closer friends and I liked to see that.