Thursday, May 29, 2014

Uncanny Avengers #20 Art


FSaker said...

Both Psylocke and Magistrate Braddock getting some attention... cool!

But wasn't Jean also part of Cyclops's council in Planet X? What happened to her, did she die (either on or off panel)? And basically, what did Magistrate Braddock did to the Uncanny Avengers' minds, did she erase them, send them back to the past, etc.?

metalgorgomon said...


Magistrate Braddock's telepathy is one of the ingredients for Kang to time traveled the heroes back.
Doom, Iron Man and Kang himself participated in the time travel process.

FSaker said...


Thanks for the information! Nice name, BTW (I used to love Digimon).

So, I guess that concludes Betsy's (well, both Betsies') participation in Uncanny Avengers. Even though this book isn't as amazing as UXF, I'm glad that Remender used Psylocke in his first epic UA story arc.

Nowadays, Betsy is part of the casts in both X-Men (the adjectiveless one) and X-Force. Just out of curiosity, if by any chance both books were cancelled (X-Force due to low sales, X-Men because Marvel is sabotaging it since Battle of the Atom), do you guys think Remender would bring her to Uncanny Avengers? Would any other writer pick her for their books (Kyle & Yost, Latour, Bendis, etc.)? Or would she be condemned to editorial limbo?

ralv said...


with both axl alonso and mike marts as editorial executives, I doubt betsy would ever be unused...

but if those titles were cancelled i would love betsy to fit amazing x-men cast, uncanny avengers or even bend's uncanny x-team....

wolverine and x-men or any other title would be a let down