Wednesday, May 21, 2014

X-Men #14 Art


Antone Poitier said...

WOW, I'm just loving how Betsy uses her telekinesis into different variety of weapons its amazing. Also, the preview for Uncanny Avengers #20 has Psylocke against Magistrate Braddock!

Vigmed said...

I just do not understand why three telepaths aren't melting this dude's mind.

Even with Bets pointing a "crossbow" at the guy, and Monet all cross-armed, I'm sure he isn't feeling too intimidated being on the inside of that cell designed to withstand crazy shit from breaking free. Moreso when they start to bicker at each other in front of the guy.

Personally, I am not a fan of the ranged weapons she's been making over here. Telekinesis, to me, and other writers, had always been a near-instantaneous effect. These manifested ranged weapons just seem like a cheap gimmick to give a visual treat to the viewer/reader.

And blah blah blah, I need to catch up on a lot of books.

Eric Ton said...

Totally loving Clay Mann's works for series X-men, but so sad to hear Brian Wood leaving X-men. He did such as great job in his involve with Betsy and the others. He has a better understanding of how Betsy is currently evolving not just her skills and weaponry but as a faculty female member of the X-men.

I would also love to see Betsy interaction with young Warren where she tells him the whole truth of what happen with him as Archangel.

Here are the preview for Uncanny Avengers #20, if anyone is interested. We get to see Betsy prime versus Magistrate Braddock. It going to be one hell of a fight. Very hard to pick which one to support right now.

FSaker said...

Clay Mann should have been the first choice to replace Coipel in X-Men. Sure, Lopez and Anka are great artists (I don't think this book had any bad artist drawing it), but Mann's art is quite similar to Coipel, so the transition between arcs would feel more natural. Unless he was unavailable at the time, of course.

I loved Psylocke calming the little mutant boy down; we don't get to see her soft side very often.

As for the Uncanny Avengers preview, that will be an interesting battle for sure. It may be quite complicated for new readers to understand, though, as whoever didn't read UXF won't have any idea of what the two of them are talking about.

FSaker said...

Oh, and as for Kymera, please return to your timeline (and take Xorna's Brotherhood with you). Nothing personal, it's just that Rachel is already filling the "alternate-future daughter" spot in the team.

Eduardo said...

It is mentioned the future, but could this ever be the Shadow King again??? Could he have informed Shogo's father about his whereabouts?? Oh my, Psylocke and Storm together and a powerful psychic villain.... Though it seems too early for him to have escaped the Omega body in which Betsy trapped him, villains always get to make their ways to come back...I wouldn't mind seeing Betsy pair with Rachel to send him away again.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

I too dislike the weapons. They could find better ways to utilize her telekinesis beyond obvious, visual signatures like these that seen absolutely non-telekinetic. The weapons are right up there with the "kewl" Psylocke that the 90s brought us and which damaged the character's actual relatability for so long until Remender. I think that's actually why Remender never acknowledged her telekinesis as he saw how some would use it for gimmicks rather than what it is by definition... mind over matter. These energy weapons seem like matter to me. They're whack.