Wednesday, May 21, 2014

X-Men #14 Spoilers

Spoilers: Rachel and Monet chase the man who attacked Teon and Sprite. Before they lock his psyche, he warns that the “future” is coming. Back at the school, Psylocke reinforces the security while Storm asks her daughter Kymera if she knows anything about the situation since she’s from the future. Rachel and Monet get the man back to the school and imprison him in a polymer shielding. Along with Psylocke, they decide what to do with him. Storm calls the three of them for a meeting in the Danger Room. Ororo informs that as of now they’re an official team and wants them to vote on a leader. Suddenly, the girls hear an explosion coming from the east wing: the shooter has escaped. Jubilee rushes to the girls and ask for their help since the man is coming for Shogo. Storm orders her to find Kymera. With the aid of her Panther, Kymera manages to take the man down, but he becomes a human time bomb and explodes. From outside, Shogo’s father says phase two of his plan is about to begin.

Brom-Superior: Psylocke trains Hellion to be a leader for his fellow teammates in the Danger Room program.

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