Monday, March 4, 2013

Coipel Previews X-Men Art & Humphries Talks "Uncanny X-Force"

Upcoming "X-Men" artist, Olivier Coipel, has teased his Facebook followers with a little glimpse of Psylocke in the new book. Thanks Rogue from our comments section for the heads up!

Meanhwile, Sam Humphries took part at Emerald City Comic Con's Marvel - The Next Big Thing panel. In regards to Uncanny X-Force, Humphries revealed the book will move into an arc featuring a showdown between the team and Bishop in the subway tunnels of Los Angeles, and then will look at Bishop's time in the future.

"After that will be Fantomex, Fantomex, Fantomex," Humphries said. "We'll have all three Fantomexs together. We're going to see Betsy -- we're going to see what happens, why the Betsy and Fantomex relationship ends so poorly. After that, we're going to have a big major villain enter the books that will be familiar to long time readers of X-Men."


Rogue said...

YAY, I got some screen time!!! My pleasure, guys!!! Looks like some awesome times ahead!!! Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Wood's X-men Delayed

Brian talks about delay on CBR Forum:

Someone related to one of the people working on this book passed away. This is the reason, so hopefully not too much hating will go on here. Pushing the launch back is the best option out of all that was discussed.