Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ultimate Comics X-Men #24 Spoilers & Art

Spoilers: Now -- Utopia falls apart. Kitty, Storm, Rogue, Blackheat, James Hudson are cornered by the police and the military.

Two weeks earlier -- The sentient seed has turned Utopia’s infertile soil into a tropical forest. Magma has raised the earth, providing a natural border defense and microclimates. Storm is now able to command the weather. The wildlife also has returned. New mutants have been coming to live at Utopia as well. Kitty suspects Mach Two and her followers are still inside Utopia, but nobody is able to track them. Her suspicious proves to be right as Warpath and Psylocke are only a few miles away. Betsy reveals she’s using her powers to prevent James from tracking them. Warpath is impressed and thinks she should be in charge. Psylocke acts shady and says she’d rather have the target on Mach Two’s back, as it leaves her free to infiltrate the base of soldiers near Utopia’s borders. Meanwhile, Farbird is running an aerial recon of Utopia on behalf of Karen Grant, but can’t spot anything due to the trees. Karen decides to visit Utopia by herself and wants to be addressed as Jean Grey again. Elsewhere, the American Government decides to attack mutants politically, claiming that they are property of the US. James meets with Warpath to discuss some kind of proposal.


Antone Poitier said...

Well, never though this Betsy is so cunning its sexy LOL. She seem to be very mysterious to the eyes lately.

Enny Giwa said...

Omgosh. What's Psylocke planning, exactly ?

BW is just the best. Constantly managing to immerse his X-Stories within all this leadership mystery and intrigue.

FSaker said...

Very interesting. I'm still very curious about her true motivations.

I was so glad when Wood showed Ultimate Psylocke alive again, and kinda disappointed when some people started complaining that "dead means dead" in the Ultimate line and she should remain dead, and then Wood said that her appearance in the series would be so small that she couldn't even be considered a minor character. Fortunately that's not what happened; Ultimate Psylocke is being quite an important character so far.

And he said the story will acknowledge the reason why she's still around when Ultimatum showed her dead.

BMS said...

So who thinks the new girl hired for Days of Future Past , Fan Binging could be Betsy? Rumour say she'll be Blink but Psylocke in the 70's could be amazing!

Blank Verse said...
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walteion96 said...


It would be better if she was Rachel grey. Because Rachel have a major role is days of future past story line. But eh she will most definitely be blink.