Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brian Wood on Psylocke

Wood: "It's not off and doing its own thing (like my 'X-Men' was last year)," "Taking one as an example, Psylocke is up to a lot over on 'Uncanny X-Force,' obviously, and it's going to clash with what she's doing here. She's going to struggle to keep it separate, since her role or mandate here is different. But that just makes for great stories, great character moments. One of the best things, I feel, about my previous run on 'X-Men' was how the characters were pulled in different directions, they had to make choices and pick sides and reconcile loyalties. It'll keep things interesting, and will give readers a more complex character."


Enny Giwa said...

Thanks. Especially since last year, her endeavors with UXF were never once mentioned during his X-Run, although he did keep her "we don't kill!" moral the same.

CmX said...

Well, considering Wood had just come on board to XMen at that time, and Remender's XForce was a secret squad, I don't imagine why Wood would acknowledge XForce.

You have to understand that not every single thing a character does or has done needs to be constantly and always referred to. We don't do that in real life, and if you point to a plot that's front and center in a totally different title, it's very easy for the readers (especially the slower ones that read between the lines way too much about every single thing) to assume it'll be picked up in that book.

Now it's different. Wood has had time to flex his "muscles", and this current XForce is no longer a secret.

Tazirai said...

Too bad it's been delayed. I can only hope his X-men will surpass what I've read so far in X-Force. I may be looking for something that's not there, or am just impatient when it comes to Psylocke. But i'd seriously love to see her mature toward a more stalwart defender type. Not the crazy revenge hungry nikita she's becoming.

Enny Giwa said...

Yeah, i wasn't asking for a perpetual reference to what she was doing.

I was making a statement. Just because he'd come on to the title didn't mean there was no need to make a suggestion for it, acknowledgment of current continuity makes for more interesting story-lines and as has been stated, likable characters, though, one of the things i liked most about Wood's run was that he didn't care too much for what was going outside.

He did his own thing and when with his own flow, and it was great.

CmX said...

Enny, another thing you might be unaware of but that volume of XMen, even before Wood was brought on board was meant to be a self contained book almost in the sort of vein of Astonishing XMen. Continuity light, none of the storylines during Gischler's run had any sort of real impact (other than Jubilee's transformation into a fucking vampire)

But it's important to know that Wood didn't want to step on anyone's toes and even admitted when he returned to the x-books that he wanted to be sure he didn't screw up writing any of the characters or settings. I think he did a fine job with the eight issues he was given and it was one of the more solid and enjoyable 'runs' for the XMen in a long while.

Enny Giwa said...

I understand that, but i don't think it's a point worth noting. Prior interviews made it quite clear that he was not going to follow anything that Gischler had done, and to an extent, he picked up on things that were relevant with the character he was dealing with.

But yes, his was the run of his time that i most enjoyed. Devastated when he left only to be inexplicably overjoyed with his return.