Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #29 Spoilers

Spoilers: As Betsy slowly dies, Magistrate Braddock begins to feel the consequences of her actions as her world starts to fall apart. Magistrate Braddock orders her minions to save Betsy at all costs. Future-Punisher finds her, but Betsy manages to escape, jumping from a building to her death. Future-Cable holds her and tries to convince her that their future is a good thing. AoA Nightcrawler teleports both of them to the ground again. Betsy gets Deadpool's gun and tries to kill herself once more, but is stopped by Magistrate Braddock who uses her telepathy to make her sleep. Betsy dreams of Warren, who tells her to forgive herself, find new love, allow herself to joy, enjoy her life for they will be reunited again one day. While Betsy's asleep, Magistrate Braddock had healed her. Betsy wakes up and confronts her. Magistrate assures Betsy that with time, she'll realize that what they're doing is the best option and that while she loved both Warren and Fantomex (chemically), she’ll get over it. Future-Punisher tells Deadpool to kill Kid Apocalypse, Daken and Archangel's son. Before sending X-Force home, Future-Wolverine whispers something to Logan. Future-Wolverine wonders if he will do it, to which Magistrate Braddock replies that they're still there. They kiss.


Toffnut said...

So Betts and Logan are going to be an item?

FSaker said...

I'm glad she survived. And even though she is alive, Betsy still can change that future, by stopping the X-Force's actions. I guess by the end of Remender's run, if she's still alive, she will leave the team (and so will Wolverine). They will probably disband the X-Force but someone else will restart the group, just like it happened between Kyle/Yost's X-Force and Remender's Uncanny X-Force.

Changing topics, in AvX #10, Psylocke appears in that page that shows which characters appear in the issue. However, I didn't really see her, so I assume she's just the generic-background girl with long hair in one of the panels, kneeling in front of Emma Frost.

She does appear more prominently, however, in the AvX Infinite tie-in this week. Betsy doesn't have any line (she just appears as part of a VR program), but she can be seen standing next to Cyclops in three pages.