Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AvX: Vs #5 Spoilers

Spoilers: The issue starts with Hawkeye searching the sky for Angel. Psylocke warns Angel telepathically that Hawkeye's mind is cloaked and hidden from her. Hawkeye spots Angel and shoots arrows at him, which Angel easily dodges in the air. After fighting for a bit, with neither at an advantage, Psylocke catches up with Angel. Hawkeye asks about Psylocke, and comments that she's 'cute'. Hawkeye threatens to fire an arrow into Psylocke's head, and not to gamble whether which is faster. Psylocke's telepathy or Hawkeye's arrow. Warren backs off for Psylocke's safety, and Hawkeye decieves him by shooting him point blank with an arrow, and flees. Psylocke runs to his aid. Later on Utopia, Angel recovers and fills in Emma Frost with what happened. Emma Frost simply comments, "to be continued, Clint Barton.."


JD said...

So why are they referring to him as Warren....Warren is supposed to be dead? This is a new entity and yet they say he was raised by billionaires? Did I miss something?

SoulTapestry said...

@JD I'm assuming that a lot of people are still unaware that Warren is not the man they knew. I mean, Iceman just found out recently and they were close friends.

New-Warren has whispers of True-Warren's memories and past life in him; he just has no emotional/soul connection to them.

In any case, the body New-Warren is in WAS in fact raised by billionaires. LOL.