Thursday, August 30, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #30 Spoilers

Spoilers from cloneX: Shadow King telepathically manipulates Genesis throughout the issue. Daken, Sabretooth and Farouk drive to Kansas and try to lure Genesis to the dark side. Mystique and the rest of the Brotherhood are playing pool billiards with Fantomex's corpse hung up on the wall as a display. Sabretooth terrorizes a convience store and tells Evan the only way to stop him from killing people is by killing him. Back in Farouk's illusions, Evan sees that Sabretooth and Daken have killed his "parents" and he unleashes his powers much to their delight, but Evan backs off saying he won't be like them. Evan learns that Daken and Sabretooth did not kill his parents because they were never real. X-Force does not appear in this issue at all.


Eduardo said...

I like how this is being built up.
X-Force is outnumbered and pretty much troubled here. I am expecting some surprise concerning Eva and soooooo hoping for Betsy to give another unforgetable defeat to the Shadow King. I would also love to see her inflicting some serious damage to Sabretooth, but this one will surely be Logan's issue, along with Daken.
Wish Evan did not die, but I also think it will come to this...

Sad Puppets! said...

Remender says Apocalypse is going to show up as a big baddie in a major way in UNCANNY AVENGERS, and he's said that it'll roll directly out of the events of UXF (which it sort of has to since that's where Apocalypse has been sequestered.)

Hard to imagine an Apocalypse-centered story without our lady Elizabeth involved (love that she's gotten so important) ... maybe she's got some Avenger-ing to do too??

Wanda Maximoff and Elizabeth Braddock were always my favorite characters, and they were both kicked off the ship in big ways between 2001 and 2004 -- which is why i stopped reading comics. The idea of both of them being in one comic with my favorite writer is just more than I can handle in my poor little imagination.

A boy can dream!