Thursday, August 16, 2012

X-Men #34 Spoilers

Spoilers: The proto-mutant sample, which was stolen during last arc, ends up in the hands of the cult leader of Heavenly Path. This cult operates via a ship and submarine combo outside of any one country's jurisdiction. Meanwhile Cyclops orders Storm to retrieve the sample and fix the mess her team has made. Sabra contacts the X-Men and tells them where they can find the sample. Domino says Heavenly Path’s principle is to aim for perfection. Colossus deduces that the cult leader is trying to improve human beings by using the sample. Pixie takes Psylocke and Domino to the cult’s ship and returns to the X-Jet. Psylocke and Domino pretend to be followers of the cult and try to blend in to find out more about the Heavenly Path. The cult leader has noticed Betsy and requests a private audience with her; meanwhile Domino is on the loose within the ship. In a private room, the leader explains to Betsy that they’re building a better human race. He reveals he has already used the sample to ‘improve’ himself, revealing his unnatural eyes.

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Enny Giwa said...

Fantastic issue, my only gripe would be Boschi on art dutiies, even though he's not the worst, i'd much rather have Lopez. Other than that, i LOVED the Domino/Betsy banter throughout the issue, they make a good pair.