Friday, February 24, 2012

X-Men #25 Spoilers

Spoilers: With the aid of Cerebra, Storm and her team head to the South China Sea, where Jubilee might be. Colossus stay behind, while Storm, Psylocke, Warpath and Domino soon find an abandoned missile base, where they face the vampires known as the Forgiven. A fight ensues with the X-Men and the Forgiven, just when Jubilee shows up and tell them to stop fighting. Jubilee explains that Raizo has been teaching her there's a different path is possible for the Vampires. Colossus arrives to the party, having discovered that there's a bounty on Raizo's head. Murderers like Deadpool, Lady Bullseye, and others are coming for the vampire.

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The Great Black North said...

Love how the X-Men were going to kill the vampires without even hearing them out first and then Storm was all prejudice against the Vampires but then she expects humans to respect Mutants. Hypocritical Much!