Thursday, February 16, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #22 Preview

Uncanny X-Force #22
Written by: Rick Remender
Pencils by: Greg Tocchini
Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu

The Story:
• Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler face a strange and deadly new foe in Otherworld.
• Fantomex’s sentence is carried out and he is injected with an anti-reality serum…
• Psylocke becomes Lady Briton!
• Deadpool is decapitated.

In Stores: February 22, 2012


nicce said...

i really love the words aoa nightcrawler say to wolverine... even if he is from another dimension, he is still the good moral conscience of the team

Eduardo said...

I was going to post something similar, nicce! Even aoa Nightcrawler has a better code of honor than Wolverine! Hope he and Betsy develop a friendship!
And it is nice to have people who think like that to keep the ideals and actions balanced!

nicce said...

and you, eduardo, add something that i thought but didn't write, the hope of a friendship between this new nightcrawler and our betsy, that would be really great. and i totally agree with you about the need of a strong ethics (that both nightcrawler and betsy can bring to the team) to make somewhat acceptable the cruel actions, and even to make more interesting the reading of the stories.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Was it ever confirmed which body she's currently in? It looks like the caucasian one, but who can ever tell with these artists?

Eduardo said...

We're almost reading each other minds, nicce!! Must be Betsy influence hahaha
Hm I cannot yet tell which body it is either...
Another question: is she gonna keep Lady Britain's habilities in the aftermath??

Blu Berri said...

Preview for [adjective-less] X-Men #25 up:

and Deadpool #51