Friday, February 17, 2012

X-Men #25 & Deadpool #51 Previews

X-Men #25
Written by: Victor Gischler
Pencils and Cover by: Jorge Molina

The Story:
• The X-Men will stop at nothing to find Jubilee, even if they have to kill every vampire on Earth to do so!
• X-Men vs. Vampires in a major way!

In Stores: February 22, 2012

Deadpool #51
Written by: Daniel Way
Pencils by: Ale Garza
Cover by: Dave Johnson

The Story:

In Stores: February 22, 2012


Toffnut said...

I wish artists would pay attention to continuity. Last issue she didn't have a real katana, now she does.

And as for the Deadpool issue, I see she has managed to change back into her standard Hand uniform for her showdown with the ninjas.

Doctor Deadpool said...

Being able to change clothes really quickly is the only superpower you need to qualify for superhero-dom. It is also the most important.

Blu Berri said...

^lol xD

I guess the Deadpool artists haven't been following X-Force. Carlos Barberi had our gal with the Crimson Dawn mark (of all things) in the prelims.

At least in X-Men, Betsy looks better. Her bangs were cut soooo poorly in #24.

The Great Black North said...

I was hoping to see a fight between Psylocke and Typhoid Mary but wolverine had to ruin it by taking her on.

Miss_Braddock said...

@ The Great Black North - Yeah I was hoping to see Betsy fight Typhoid Mary too but you know Logan, just can't keep his hands of the Redheads!