Thursday, February 23, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #22 Art


Blu Berri said...

I finally put my finger on it, this art reminds me of Alan Davis's older works in Captain Britain. In that case, this person is perfect for the Overworld arc. I just wish there were cleaner lines because a lot of that looks so rough.

Rahsaan Chisolm said...

Alan Davis!?!? Then I'm glad I missed that phase of his career! LOL!

Now, Blu... you must admit this Tocchini art is hot mess. The last issue of this arc, it seemed that he was on the uptake. Issue 22 though... he's gone into retrograde. I am quite displeased. Th e only decent panels are the one with the double psi-knives and the one with her in front of the fireplace and Fantomex lurking behind.

I will admit that Tochinni draws her Lady Briton uniform nicely though.