Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uncanny X-Men #6 Spoilers

Spoilers: The Immotal Man is unbothered by Psylocke and Magneto’s presence; however he holds a grudge against the native and kills him. Betsy requests assistance, but all the other X-Men are busy. Meanwhile, Cyclops and other humans have been kidnapped by a native savage who wants to learn English by listening to them. Magneto and Psylocke are still struggling with The Immortal Man, when Danger comes to their rescue. Storm arrives as well, which prompts The God to leave. Elsewhere, Magik is taken by some animals. Colossus tells the team he can take care of it by himself. At the same time, Namor and Hope try to make the marine creatures understand that they’re not their enemies. Cyclops and the Savage who had kidnapped him meet the team, where the former explain he had to do it in order to understand their language. The Savage explains that when his people, the Apex, were faced with the risk of extinction due to climate changes, his friend, The Immortal Man, thought the best solution was to break free from Tabula Rasa into the outside world. The Savage, on the other hand, thought better to enter stasis. The Immortal Man was caught in the boundary between worlds, while the Savage entered stasis. He awaked a hundred years later, only to find out his people were decimated. Now that the time-boundary collapsed and The Immortal Man was freed, he will try to restore his people at any cost.

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Blu Berri said...

Ugh, I hope they're not going back to the old trend of finding reasons to gimp her powers like in the past.

Side note, I thought Betsy's face was a little awkward because she looked like she's sunbathing or something on the cover; I flipped it upside-down and discovered she looks very ...satisfied.