Tuesday, December 13, 2011

X-Solicits for March 2012

Uncanny X-Force #23
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Greg Tocchini
Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
The Trial Of Fantomex Concludes!
The Multiverse Is In Danger, The Captain Britain Corps Is In Shambles And It Is Up To X-Force To Save The Day.
A Terrible Choice Must Be Made For The Protection Of All Reality!

X-Men #26
Writer: Victor Gischler
Art: Jorge Molina
The X-Men Fight To Rescue Jubilee From The Hands Of Her Vampire Brethren!
The Forgiven Fight To Protect Their Own!
Featuring The Deadliest Mercenaries In The Entire Marvel Universe!

Uncanny X-Men #8

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art & Cover by: Greg Land
• The Conclusion Of Tabula Rasa!
• Namor Does The Unthinkable To Save The Day.

Uncanny X-Men #9
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art: Carlos Pacheco
• Prison Break!
• Featuring The Avengers!

Deadpool #52
Writer: Daniel Way
Art: Ale Garza
Cover by: Dave Johnson
• ’Pool’s Epic “Dead” Storyline Continues!
• Deadpool Wants To Die…Can He Make It Happen?
• Will X-Force Stop Him…Or Pull The Trigger?


Alexander said...

Looks like I'll have more than my usual two pulls come March.

FSaker said...

I wonder if Uncanny X-Men #9 is already a AvX tie-in issue or it's just a way to tease it.

Betsy looks amazing as Captain Britain! Now that Slaymaster is dead (both 616-Slaymaster and NewExiles-Slaymaster), she should consider adopting this identity every now and then.

Selene said...

I cannot believe Psylocke joined Cyclops' line only to appear in Gischler's awful Adjectiveless title!I hope she shows up in Uncanny X-Men on occasion at least.

CmX said...

Awesome to see Psylocke back in her Captain Britain suit! Never thought we'd see that again! :O albeit temp of course

Nada said...

Adjectiveless x-men is pretty awful. Hoping it's just this arch.

Eduardo said...

Is it only me but is that Meggan on the cover of Uncanny X-Force??? If she is finally back, that is just awesome!! And by the hands of Remender, even better!!

FSaker said...

@Eduardo - Yes, it's Meggan. She returned to Earth-616 by the end of the Captain Britain and MI-13 series.

After House of M, Meggan was stuck in Limbo (or Hell, I'm not sure now); then Dracula and Dr. Doom rescued her to turn her into Dracula's secret weapon. But Captain Britain managed to set her free from Dracula's grasp.

Braxton Garris said...

i've died and gone to heaven! love seeing betsy back in that costume! Merry Christmas to me from Marvel!! I just recently purchased her first appearance as Captain Britain in Captain Britain #13 (1986) and I love that whole era. I can't wait to read it and see more amazing art!!

Eduardo said...

Thanks Fernando, I remember the arc when Meggan got stuck away, but had not read MI-13 series. I like Meggan a lot and her set of powers, just awesome to have her back in the scene!