Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Avengers Vs. X-Men Match-Ups We Want to See

Newsarama: For our latest countdown, we've put together our own list of 10 possible conflicts we'd like to see at some point during Avengers vs. X-Men. Some are obvious, some are considerably less so, but all would be pretty cool.

10. Secret Avengers vs. Uncanny X-Force: This one is a no-brainer. Not only are both of these teams black-ops squads that do the things that their parents teams don't want to do, both of the books are currently written by Rick Remender. It would actually be more difficult to not do this fight than to do it. (Possibly not an actual fact.)

The individuals combinations are also exciting -- it looks like Venom's becoming a Secret Avenger soon, which could mean a'90s-tastic collision with Deadpool. Sibling rivalry in the form of Captain Britain vs. Psylocke. And Fantomex is cool against pretty much anybody. Fantomex vs. Hawkeye. Fantomex vs. Black Widow. Fantomex vs. Ant-Man? Make it happen, Marvel!

During's livebog, Brubaker responded to a fan’s question if Ms. Marvel and Psylocke will have a part in things, and he confirmed both will be in the series.


JJ.Froud said...

Woo, I hope Psylocke goes toe to toe with Black Widow!

The Great Black North said...


Totally Agree! That would be a fight to see

Brian said...

Yeah, I'm less interested in Psylocke vs. her brother than I am Psylocke vs. most of the Avengers. Especially Spider-Woman (though I think they'd actually make great friends, given their experiences).

FSaker said...

The guy who asked about Psylocke and Ms. Marvel is Mr. PsyGuy, from CBR's X-Books forum. He loves both Betsy and Carol Danvers.

Anyway, it's cool that Brubaker confirmed Psylocke in AvX! Although for all we know, she may just cameo in some issues in the main series, and that would technically count as "being in the series. But since every Avengers book and X-book will tie into this event, she'll surely get more participation in the Uncanny X-Force tie-in issues (and probably in Gischler's X-Men tie-in issues, too).

As for a Uncanny X-Force/Secret Avengers confrontation, I don't think she would fight Captain Britain (Brian would never attack his sister; she might actually attack him, but he's too strong for her to cause any damage. Plus, he's immune to her telepathy, if I remember correctly). But the battle between these two teams would be awesome, and she could fight one of the other secret avengers. Black Widow would be a nice choice (although I'm afraid Marvel would make Widow win, because of the Avengers movie), and so would be Venom, Hawkeye or Beast (she would definitely kick Hawkeye's and Beast's asses)!

treysome said...

Psylocke needs to go against the Avenger's best hand to hand fighter. Though they haft to take out all the x-men/mutants (teleport them somewhere) if the Avengers are to beat Hope. She's the trump card esp if she copies Scarlet Witch's powers backed by the Phoenix Force.

Alexander said...

I agree, I'd love to see something happen with Black Widow & Betsy. I'm a bit worried about the use of Ms.Marvel, she hasn't been written to well in the past few years.