Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Best of Marvel Comics in 2011

According to IGN, these are the titles that every comic book fan should have on their pull lists in 2012.

2. Uncanny X-Force: X-Men books have a reputation for being burdened by continuity and inaccessible to newcomers. Uncanny X-Force proved this doesn't have to be the case. Spinning out of the events of Second Coming, this series sees Wolverine revive the covert squad of mutant assassins as they battle a reborn Apocalypse, the Reavers, and other threats to the mutant race.

This series is a prime example of how a book can be more than the sum of its parts. Rick Remender is a talented writer, but when paired with an artist like Jerome Opena, the result is pure comic book magic. Uncanny X-Force achieves that rare blend of ingredients – it has gripping plot twists, memorable action sequences, terrific visuals, ample doses of humor, and some of the best character work you'll find in a Marvel book. Whether you've been following the X-Men franchise for decades or only just jumped into this universe, Uncanny X-Force will grab your attention and never let go.

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