Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Super Hero Squad Online: Meet Psylocke Psylocke bursts into 'Super Hero Squad Online' as the newest playable character in this character vignette from the game! Psylocke brings her awesome fighting skills to "Super Hero Squad Online" as one of the game's newest playable characters!

The X-Men's resident psychic ninja joins her fellow Squaddies to fight the forces of evil throughout Super Hero City and beyond! Play as Psylocke now at and add her to your personal Super Hero Squad.

Keep your eyes peeled to as we continue to bring you more spotlights on the Squaddies from "Super Hero Squad Online," and vist to play the game yourself!


FSaker said...

She looks adorable! And apparently Psylocke has a nice mix of telepathy (they even gave her the butterfly effect) and telekinesis. Cool!

But... in which platform is this game available? PS3? Xbox 360? Wii?

Eduardo said...

Well I've been playing direct on the site ( and she really is lovely ehehe in the missions and in the card games she helps a lot too!