Monday, July 26, 2010

X-Solicits for October 2010

Uncanny X-Force #1
Written by: Rick Remender
Penciled by: Jerome Opeña
Cover by: Esad Ribic
Variant Cover by: Marko Djurdjevic
Variant Cover by: Clayton Crain
Variant Cover by: Rob Liefeld
"Ages," Part 1
Wolverine promised Cyclops that X-Force would disband -- he lied. A secret society has resurrected En Sabah Nur, putting into motion events that will turn this age of heroes into an Age of Apocalypse! To hold them back, Wolverine and Archangel bring together Fantomex, Deadpool, and Psylocke to form The Uncanny X-Force! Stained by their history, they are the only ones capable of making the hard resolutions necessary. A band of likeminded friends and mercenaries set to one purpose, one big ugly task -- kill Apocalypse by any means.

X-Men #4
Written by: Victor Gischler
Penciled by: Paco Medina
Cover by: Adi Granov
Variant Cover by: Paco Medina
Vampire Variant by: TBA
“Curse Of The Mutants,” Part 4
With thousands of vampires poised to attack Utopia, just waiting for the word from their leader, Xarus, the X-Men’s best hope for survival just might lie in a most unlikely new ally: the newly resurrected Dracula, who has more than a bone to pick with his traitorous son. But the problem cuts even deeper: The X-Men have lost one of their greatest warriors, fallen victim to a vampire bite. Brace yourself for Vampire Wolverine!

Uuncanny X-Men #529
Written by: Matt Fraction
Penciled by: Whilce Portacio
Cover by: Terry Dodson
Vampire Variant by: Mike Mayhew
“The Five Lights”
If “Light #4” registered in Kiev, Ukraine, then why the heck isn’t he there? The X-Men race to find the latest of the new mutant activations while things come to a head between Emma Frost and her prisoner Sebastian Shaw! Part 4 (of Four)

X-Men: Curse Of The Mutants - X-Men VS. Vampires #2 (of 2)
Written by: Various
Art by: Various
Cover by: Nick Bradshaw
We could tell one volume of heart-pounding vampire thrills weren’t enough for you, and that’s why we’re giving you four all new-stories to sink your teeth into! Your favorite mutants take on that which goes bump in the night in ways you never could have imagined! PLUS the conclusion to the classic Claremont and Sienkiewicz thriller, NIGHT SCREAMS, from Uncanny X-Men #159. The way you look at the X-Men will never be the same!


Anonymous said...

Could someone please kill Emma Frost?

Mike said...

"thousands of vampires poised to attack Utopia"

Didn't thousands of zombies just attack Utopia a few months ago?

Werewolves will descend by Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I prefer evil fairies. You know, like Maleficent!

Anonymous said...

and didnt thousands of Robots just attack Utopia, get a new storyline marvel geez.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the variants for Uncanny X-Force!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the comments about "thousands of" whatever attacking Utopia.

"With thousands of vampires poised to attack Utopia"
"the X-Men’s best hope for survival " blah blah blah

First of all, just for a change, could they have used something other than "hope" in this line, maybe chance or even shot at would do.

PsySpears said...

On the Psylocke front,all is looking good tho.Whoop!

Anonymous said...

Who is the girl on the cover with Emma and sebastion????

Emma needs to be on her own agenda again she's just not xmen material I've always liked in the 80s how she was a villian but but not a TOTAL villian kinda similar to Magneto...she needs that edge to be like able pushing her into the new generation jean grey matriarch of the xmen was a TOTAL mistake on the writers behalf!! she needs her own group of followers with their own agenda im sorry she just does not belong as an xman!!

Psychilde said...

^^ dude are you serious? That's Shadowcat!

treysome said...

Fraction love him some Emma, every story involves her somehow. Least Emma's not going to be in MVC3. Hope Psylocke gets alot of love in Uncanny X-Force.

FSaker said...

"Who is the girl on the cover with Emma and sebastion????"

It's Kitty "boring" Pryde.

And I agree, Emma is too dependant of Scott nowadays. She should have a hidden agenda, even if it isn't an evil agenda. I don't know, if Cyclops had a black-ops team not long ago, Emma should be able to have a similar project, maybe rejoin the Hellfire Club just to keep an eye on the other kings (although Selene supposedly destroyed the Club in Necrosha, but the Club always rises again) or something like that.

soulkiller said...

Why *are* the X-Men always being attacked by swarms of things lately? :D Whatever happened to one bad ass villian just kicking the stuffing out of the X-Men like in the good ol' days?

Anonymous said...

Emma definitley needs her edge back, theres no reason why she cant atleast have a band of Hellions again to corrupt. I was thinking about Utopia and how stupid Emma's whole double cross thing was, they really need to get her back on track as a character.

Psychilde said...

Check out this interview with Nick Lowe, when asked about Psylocke and Angel getting back together, he says, 'there's gonna be some action'.

Anonymous said...

Why all the talk about Emma and Kitty? No mention about Psylocke being in the new X-Force?

Surely Psylocke fandom is good for more than whining about other characters?

Anonymous said...

Its great Betsy is on X-force, is the only girl and is getting her edge back. But I really don't want her back with Warren its what ruined her the first time and blatantly this is why she has been put on that team.