Tuesday, July 13, 2010

X-Position: Nick Lowe

CBR: This week we have editor Nick Lowe on hand to answer questions about anything at all X-Men related, and you took the opportunity to cover a broad array of X-topics.

Are we ever going to see any serious panel-time for Dazzler, Psylocke, Shadowcat or Northstar?

Nick Lowe: You'll be seeing more of Shadowcat right away in "Uncanny" #526 and Dazzler and Northstar have a big part of the arc starting in "Uncanny" #530. As for Psylocke, make sure you read "X-Men: Second Coming" #2 this week!

I am excited to see Psylocke back in the main X-titles after a long absence and to see her involved in major story lines once again! Is there a possibility she would be getting a new costume anytime soon?

Nick Lowe: Psylocke still has a closet-full of them from the old-days, so once she works through those, she'll get a new design. Waste-not, want-not, right?


Psychilde said...

So, if I'm interpreting this right, the new X-Foce team will be revealed in Second Coming #2!?! That's what I thinks gonna happen!!! Arghhh I'm so excited man!!! XD XD XD
But does this also mean she wont have a new costume :( Think it does... :(

Psychilde said...



Anonymous said...

This is sweet.

I like her in the Black costume with the grey belt.

These characters seem to go very well together. Psylocke was the perfect choice for the female member.

FSaker said...

I liked the first answer, but not the second. So is Lowe saying that she will still stick with the same old buttfloss?? Is it so hard to at least upgrade it a little??

Damn, Rogue and Gambit came back to the X-Men AFTER Psylocke, and both of them already got new outfits (lkay, Gambit's is just a small redesign of his old one, but still...)! Northstar returned shortly before Betsy, and he has a redesign of his basic outfit as well. Why is she the ONLY inhabitant of Utopia that can't get a new outfit, for crying out loud???!!!

Anonymous said...

You dont mess with a classic.