Monday, July 12, 2010

Mike Carey talks X-Men: Legacy

Mike Carey discusses the future of X-Men: Legacy at

Carey's affection for the next generation of X-Men will carry through the immediate future of LEGACY, with Hope and Hellion taking center stage following the current "Collision" arc, but the team's adult core will also drop by to keep things interesting.

"We'll see Psylocke, Colossus, Omega Sentinel, Danger and a whole bunch of people," he reveals. "We'll carry on dissolving and re-inventing our cast from one arc to the next; that's one of the things I love about writing this book."

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Psychilde said...

Yay, I love Carey's Psylocke

Mr. Hellfire said...

I'm so glad he's continuing to use Betsy.
His handling of her in Legacy so far has been top notch, and I just can imagine he's going to continue to make her shine.

But I'm less than thrilled over the arc with Hope taking center stage because I'm already fatigued of her as it is.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is good. I'm glad Carey will get to write more Psylocke.

Anonymous said...

Psylocke, Hellion and Danger sweeeet shame about Omega tho she sucks!

Anonymous said...

@ anon above.

I love Omega! she super cool and I think she deserves way more story time. I fell in love with her character when she was possessed by malice in messiah complex

CmX said...

I really like what Carey did with Omega Sentinel. She was a snooze under Claremont and in Excalibur, IMO.

She was awesome in Rogue's team a few years back glad to see him finally use her again and interact with Psylocke! BTW, both women were romantically linked with Thunderbird III! Wonder if he'll reference this?

Anonymous said...

What about Hellion's hands?? Hes disarmed right now.. unless Elixir grows him a new pair.. Tho, Hellion could exclusively use telekinesis all the time, even to pickup a pen and write..

J77 said...

Did you already hear this?

Marvel To Announce Uncanny X-Force At San Diego – Wolverine, Archangel, Fantomex, Deadpool and Psylocke!

Psychilde said...

@J77 are you SERIOUS!?!?!!?!?! :O
If this is right it's gonna be so AWESOME!!! And they were all the characters I guessed!!!!!