Monday, July 19, 2010

Nick Lowe Talks Uncanny X-Force

IGN wraps up their interview series with Nick Lowe with a look at the fallout of Second Coming and the future of the X-franchise.

IGN Comics: We saw the new X-Force roster in this issue. Can you go over how you guys decided who should be on the team from a tactical and team dynamic perspective?

Lowe: I don't want to get too much into that, because the book will answer a lot of that. Rather than go through one by one, how about this: some of the characters were already on X-Force, and we'll see their purpose for staying on the team. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag and ruin Rick and Jerome's story, but when people see why Fantomex and why Deadpool is there, they're going to find it quite interesting how it all works together.

IGN Comics: I believe in the announcement on you said that Warren is the co-captain and financial backer of the team now. Why does he see a continued need for X-Force?

Lowe: In the first arc of X-Force, you're going to find that he has a very personal investment in their first adventure. That's going to reflect a lot of his motivation for bankrolling and being a part of this team. It's going to come down to that. He's not quite in the same place that Cyclops and Wolverine were with the last X-Force, where it was a team put together to carry out the hard choices that needed to be made. This becomes a little more personal for him.

IGN Comics: As far as Wolverine's motivations, is he keeping Warren in that position in order to have someone to keep him honest and make sure they don't cross a line?

Lowe: I wouldn't say it's quite as cut and dry as that. He knows Warren has been a part of this conflict for a long time. Warren has been through some really terrible stuff and had to make tough decisions. Wolverine, in a lot of ways, trusts him, even though he doesn't always like him, as we've seen in the past. The two have never had a great relationship. I think he knows Warren is a good guy to have his back. That's mostly how it breaks down.


Anonymous said...

You know what I can't wait to see? I can't wait to see all the tension between Fantomex and Warren as they fight to claim Besty's heart.

Warren has shown he's still interested in Psylocke and Fantomex has shown some interest as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Betsy shut BOTH of them down. They're both distractions and unnecessary.

Tetnubis said...

I think Wade's reason for being there is pretty clear cut. No need for all the hush hush.

Interesting to see that Psylocke didn't turn out to be co-leader. Leaves her open for development in other areas which should be good to look forward too. Possible link to the talk Wolverine wanted to have about her "death wish" [Psylocke mini]. Probably not. But continuity and validation are nice to think about.

Anonymous said...

I just want to see Psylocke do some major damage in that poetic graceful manner that she is known for. Who is drawing this comic? Hopefully they know how to draw her smooth moves. She is supposed to be a slick character.

Anonymous said...

I want Betsy and Warren under a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-!

Adam David Dodd said...

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Tetnubis said...

@ Anon3
Jerome Opeña is doing the art for this one. Easily one of my favourites at the moment. He just finished a run on Vengeance of the Moon Knight, and prior to that I think it was Punisher. Good work on both, esp MK. He knows how to do action scenes, and I'm looking forward to how he handles a team.

Figured out why they removed Domino. Between Deadpool and Fantomex, I think their will be enough Comic relief. It had been mentioned before that she was added to add that factor to the previous team. Not to mention, Domino and Wade have history. Something that they probably didn't want to get into.

treysome said...

Looks like the leak roster for MVC3 is still correct. Dr Doom and Super Skrull join the Marvel line up. Fingers crossed.

Wolverine - confirmed
Spiderman - confirmed
Hulk - confirmed
Ironman - confirmed
Captain America - confirmed
Dr Doom - confirmed
Super Skrull - confirmed
Deadpool - confirmed
War Machine
Ms Marvel
Dr Strange

Anonymous said...

pretty sure one of the silhouettes is Spider-man and hes not on that list.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to see how Jerome will draw Betsy....I tried to find how he draw the ladies and couldn´t find anything...could somebody post a link ?
do you think we´ll get a glimpse at comic con on how the book will look like?

treysome said...

Spiderman's a shoe in for MVC3 and ha ha the makers have said Emma Frost won't be in this game which leaves room for other X women, Psylocke please