Thursday, May 20, 2010

X-Position: Victor Gischler

CBR: Victor Gischler joins X-Position today to answer all the questions about his new X-Men book and its initial "vampire-iffic" tale.

As a Nate Grey fan, I'm thrilled to see that Nate will be showing up in the opening arc of your new "X-Men" book. Back in his solo book days, Nate fought Morbius and was bitten by him. Luckily, Nate's TK fought off the vampire "infection." With this in mind, I was wondering – are mutants with telekinesis (like Psylocke, Exodus, and Hellion) immune to vampirism? Or do you need to have "super-TK" like Nate to fight off the vampire infection?

Victor Gischler: Whoa, Malcolm! You're venturing into spoiler territory, so I apologize for the lame answer you're about to get. As far as Nate goes, I'll refer you to the answer above. The roster wars continue to rage in my brain and the brains of the editors, and, again, we have some good ideas, but nothing etched in stone yet. Nate presents some interesting possibilities. We'll just have to see how it all plays out. (And as far as the vampire "infection" goes, everyone knows a double-dose of Vitamin C and a good night's sleep will clear that right up.)

I don't think the "We Are The X-Men" teasers for your new "X-Men" book have been thoroughly explained yet. Will Magneto, Psylocke, Gambit, Hope and Nate Grey play a bigger role in your series? Or were they just randomly chosen? And what about Spider-Man, She Hulk, Elektra? When and how will they show up?

Victor Gischler: I understand wanting some clearer info, Giselle. I really do. But as previously discussed, we are knocking our heads together to make sure we get the roster just right. (Yes, I know that's a lame answer and I am ashamed.)


Anonymous said...

so basically... he said nothing.

call me crazy, but when promoting an new book that fans are already hesitant about buying you should at least be able to confirm a roster.

Anonymous said...

lol i was going to say exactly the same thing he said NOTHING!

mrrrr said...

I sense disaster!