Monday, May 10, 2010

Curse Of The Mutants

The X-Men Must Survive The Curse Of The Mutants
(Notice the Pencils version: more Psylocke and no Nate Grey)

As the X-Men recover from the stunning conclusion of Second Coming and prepare to enter the Heroic Age, they’ll first have to survive The Curse of The Mutants! Beginning in July’s X-Men #1, from the fan favorite creative team of Victor Gischler and Paco Medina, the X-Men welcome new faces into the fold as a deadly new threat emerges to consume mutantkind...and then the world! With top secret specials and new series tie-ins to this red-hot storyline, The Curse of The Mutants leaves the X-Men forever scarred!

It’s mutants versus vampires — and the stakes have never been bigger for X-Men than in The Curse of The Mutants!


Mr. Hellfire said...

Marvel, I beg you, PLEASSSEEEEE come out with an announcement the day this is going to be shipped that says JK!

Seriously. Vampires? Is word not spreading fast enough that Vampire fatigue is setting in? That would mean don't start up with more vampire crud.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's setting in. Twilight New Moon was a box office hit. True Blood and Vampire Diaries are two of the most successfull tv series on air right now.

I will only judge it when I read it. Let's just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Even if Vampires weren't corny and cliché enough after Necrosha and second coming for gods sake cant we have some key smaller team stories, how many big epic events can the x-men cope with one after the other! I want character development and interesting stories not shock value big events, cheap deaths and crappy cameos for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything the last anonymous said! Character development please! Only hoping Betsy is indeed on the New X-Force....Five characters on the team leaves room for everybody to shine...especially as the only gal!

Anonymous said...

Psylocke comiquette preview:

looks, dangerous and eurasian!
hope they find an actress like this and keep her hair purple for the Wolvie movie!

Anonymous said...

The x-men have beat up dracula and his vampire friends before! Remember he bit storm and turned her into a vampire for a short time. Not to mention Dracula was recently working with doctor doom to harass psylockes twin brother captain britain

Anonymous said...

This looks like a disaster, vampires? New faces? They have so many interesting old faces that they never use. Yes, what the x-books need now is even more new "ideas" that go nowhere and a bigger cast of background charecters to promptly place in the background.

I wonder if this is a Disney influenced thing, I could hear them ptich it like "our research shows us that kids like vampires, so make all those mutants into vampires and blah blah.

What a mess these books are turning into.

Mr. Hellfire said...

To the first Anonymous, yes they're successful because they're the main pushes, the first ones, they've established fan bases before the fatigue set in. But all the side projects and things that came after seem the be attracting people less and less.

And to the third one, here's hoping, but I'm hoping for a Betsy story that doesn't include her being Asian. For heaven's sake, she's just Asian in body, I want to see a return to looking at her past in England. She was part of that S.T.R.I.K.E. in the early days, I've always felt there's untapped stories in there.

centurion said...

I like this idea and eager to see where Marvel is going to take this. I feel this will be a mix of some 90s nostalgia and 2010 Vampire drama. I'm praying Betsy in in Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

There's a key point people are missing in this vampire discussion. The previous vampire franchises mentioned are catering to their KEY DEMO. Teen girls are in love with Twilight and Vampire Diaries... but guess what. They don't care about the shows because of their supernatural element (like people did for Buffy and Angel), they're being hooked on the romances and boy candy. Everything else seems to be secondary.

True Blood is a mostly story driven show for adults (with hit books to back it). Even it doesn't focus on Vampires all the time, and that show actually utilizes the majority of its cast.

Now... with the X-men... vampires aren't really cutting it with the little information we have. The team needs to go back to smaller stories in general because not only are they now going to be faced with event fatigue, but also vampire fatigue. Let's look how well these events have worked out for the X-books. What are the New Mutants supposed to be doing again? Didn't Magik come back to take care of something? What has Rogue managed to do since she was forced into Second Coming? Too much. I also can't believe Dracula is already back in action after his last plan failed so spectacularly. And who the heck thinks Victor Gishler is a fan favorite? Barely anyone knows him in the comic world and his Deadpool stuff is awful.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this looks really campy. Not good. I like the drawing, but the curse of the mutant thing and the fangs are pretty cheesy.

Please kill X-Man, he is arse.

floored said...

Oh my god this is so crap.
If Psylocke is not on X-Force I won't know what to do haha.
The second Anonymous person said it all, spot-on!!!! & Mr. Hellfire

Chris said...

This is stupid. How can you all judge this book and claim it will fail when you haven't even read it? Stop being drama queens. hahaha

Anonymous said...

because vampires are so gay and anyone with half a brain knows that twilight is fucking stupid as hell but popular so now everyone's on the gravy train. sad the x-men have to be roped into this, but i'm sure in 10 years we will all look back at this and seriously laugh. it's worse than anything they've done.

Anonymous said...

No, I won't. Because this has nothing to do with Twilight. This book won't be about teenagers sappy romances. Vampires exist waaaaaay before Twilight, did you know?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris. The "OMG This book sucks I hate Twilight therefore I'm so smart" comments are annoying. Drama.

Anonymous said...

Well nobody likes it because Vampires are a played to death concept and Marvel are just jumping on a fad band wagon, plus it feels like a rather immature idea. Necrosha used the dead in a far more original way and it only just happened.

FSaker said...

"The x-men have beat up dracula and his vampire friends before! Remember he bit storm and turned her into a vampire for a short time."

I didn't know this... so in the Marvel universe the transformation of someone into a vampire can be reversed? Can vampires be "cured"? The only Marvel vampires I know are Blade and Spitfire, and neither managed to stop being a vampire. I hope Jubilee gets luckier than them.

Anyway, I agree that it is weird to use vampires with the X-Men, but maybe it's not such a big deal. Remember, "Curse of the Mutants" isn't even an event per se, just the first arc of the new X-title (in other words, we'll most likely see no repercussions at all of it in Uncanny, Legacy, New Mutants, etc.). And a war between mutants and vampires, both being isolated species who didn't choose to be the way they are, may be interesting. Although it would make more sense to pit the mutants against a more well-known species in Marvel (atlanteans would be a cool choice, but unfortunately it is prevented due to Namor being in the X-Men).

And Centurion, we all hope Betsy will be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3!! Maybe we should try to email or twit Ryota Niitsuma and Seth Killian to ask them to put her in the game...

Anonymous said...

There has been a leak of the supposed list, This guy leaked the entire contents of super street fighter 4 one year before there was any news right down to the special moves so this could be very credible:

Captain America
Iron Man
She Hulk
Doctor Doom
Mister Fantastic
Super Skrull
Emma Frost

Chun Li
Mike Haggar
Spencer (Bionic Commando)
Arthur (Ghouls and Ghosts)
Frank West
Viewtiful Joe
Tron Bonne

FSaker said...

This list is fake. MvC3's producer said that none of the Fantastic Four members were available for this game due to licensing issues (therefore, no Mr. Fantastic).

And Game Informer reported that Tron Bonne appears in the Megaman-inspired background, so I guess it's safe to assume she's not a playable character either.

Anonymous said...

Two things: I don't believe anyone was judging the "book"; People were commenting on the elements that we actually know about. Nothing drama queenish about it.

Secondly, Twilight was brought up as a comparison piece because of vampires being the rage at the moment. Some of you are being facetious and over-exaggerating certain aspects of this discussion.

I hope amaterasu is in MVC3. I'd love for the Okami verse to get a little more love. They had Yami in the Wii versus game, and people didn't seem to know who he was. Also, since Capcom is working on Okami 2, it'd only make sense to build up an audience and cross promote.

Anonymous said...

I dont think that rules out miss Bonne, Vega and Balrog both appeared in the airport background of street fighter 4 when not being played as.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post about exploring Betsy's past in england...maybe even switch her back to her british body and bring back the butterfly. I thought those classic xmen days of her Dazzler, Storm, Rouge, Colossous, and Havok were great. It deviated away from the wholesome Xmen line up and gave kind of a second class darker team. Hell they could even take them back to the austrailia outback!

Anonymous said...

I think they should put Psylocke, Rachel Grey, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee and Rouge all on a team together and send them on some type of adventure. And I also think that it is well past due that Emma is still part of the Xmen. She was one of the greatest Villians and would be so much more interesting on the other side. Or maybe starting up a brand of hellions again Co-captained by cyclops?? what do you think?

Mr. Hellfire said...

To the one before last Anonymous above me, the butterfly is back at the moment, it makes appearances every so often and unfortunately her English body has been destroyed. So unfortunately it doesn't look good for that idea.

And I agree with the Aussie team reuniting. Seriously amazing stories during those days, I have ALL the Essential X-Men's that cover that team. It's one of my big wishes for the X-Men to see that team brought back together, especially with Storm as LEADER.

Even though Emma's my favorite character on this planet and the next, I thought she made a crap villain. I think she's best as morally grey, like it'd be great if she were involved on a darker book without being the leader because you'd never know where her loyalties were.

Anonymous said...

Her english body is destroyed?? I thought revanche died in it?? Maybe they can bring the seige perlious back and she can go through it and re- emerge english. Dont get me wrong her asian body is who i fell in love with, but I want to be able to appreciate the rich history of her brittish roots. And yes I forgot STORM!! and her MOHAWK...awesome! Yes I loved that incarnation of Xmen and oh yea longshot was around then too. Dazzler could add some pretty interesting story lines if Mr. Summers caught a case of the wander eye for that younger brighter blonde. hey just sayin....

I agree about Emma, i just wish they would not try to force the goody two shoe thing down her throat. I mean rouge as a reformed villian I can understand because she was so young her having a softer tone. But Emma needs edge!

Anonymous said...

(Mr Hellfire is sexy)

Mr. Hellfire said...

Yeah, during the Psylocke mini-series it was destroyed.

I thought the Siege Perilous just gave everyone amnesia and placed them somewhere else? It didn't seem to affect the bodies though. (her body-swap happened because of Mats'uo<--think that's right)

And Storm+Mohawk= Don't even get me started. I worship that ridiculous 'hawk.

Emma's problem right now seems to be that no one believes that a female character can be a bitch if they're in the X-Men and at least sort of accepted. Except she's a bitch by nature, that doesn't just wash away.

Anonymous said...

Okay - anybody who still spells Rogue "Rouge" has got to get a clue whenever they see R-O-G-U-E typed out in the comics. FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Also, the person who came up with "Curse of the Mutants" = FAIL

FSaker said...

Mr. Hellfire is correct. Psylocke didn't swap bodies just by entering the Siege Perilous; what happened is that she was sent to Japan, amnesiac, and Matsu'o decided to swap her mind with the one from his comatose lover Kwannon. Actually, the first explanation was that she never swapped bodies, she just had her original body altered by magic and by plastic surgeries to make her look Asian, so that she could work for Mandarin. This explanation, IMO, was much better than the stupid 1990s' Kwannon retcon.

Anyway, she seems quite comfortable with the current body (it actually was altered by Spiral during the body swap so that there are facial features from Betsy's original body in it), so I don't think she needs to go back to the original one.

But I agree that it would be great to return the Outback X-Men team! Maybe just replacing Havok (currently lost in the middle of Marvel's editorial mess) and Longshot (currently under good use in X-Factor) with Gambit and Northstar. Then, all we would need is Storm regaining her mohawk haircut!

By the way, after the First Class series for the Original 5 and for the All-New team, Marvel NEEDS to work on an Outback X-Men: First Class mini series!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of Havok, add polaris to the outback team. I think that socialization between her and Psylocke is well past due. I also adore Lorna's quirks I dont know about Northstar. Never been that big of a fan of his, gambit totally...However you need Longshot for Dazzler. Maybe throw Jubilee in the mix as she STILL powerless?? Sheesh!