Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Legacy of the X-Men Continues Into The Heroic Age

Newsarama: X-Men Legacy writer Mike Carey talks about the future of the book. According to Carey, Psylocke will show up in an arc tentatively titled "Fables of the Reconstruction", set to begin after the Indra-centric arc "Collision".

Mike Carey: "We will see Danger, not immediately after Second Coming, but the arc that follows that, which we're tentatively calling 'Fables of the Reconstruction,'" Carey says, acknowledging the R.E.M. reference. "All the X-Men powerhouses will at least be glimpsed in that story: Colossus will be in there, Psylocke will be in there. A big roster there."

Thanks Stela for the heads up!


FSaker said...

Cool! But "be glimpsed" doesn't say much; as far as we know, she could just appear in one page or two and then get gone...

Let's hope Carey will put her to good use, just like he did in Necrosha!

Anonymous said...

Danger and Psylocke in a story? sweeet