Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #524 Spoilers

Spoilers: Mutants all around Utopia are shocked by Nightcrawler's death, and some of them blame Hope. She can't take this pressure anymore and freaks out. Cyclops talks to her, and the only thing he asks of her is to stay alive. Scott then tells his X-Men he doesn't want Kurt's death to be in vain. He asks Angel to prepare his body and Iceman to put together the religious rites. In the X-Prison, Donald Pierce fools Danger into thinking he's still locked, when in fact he's pretty much free. Bastions orders Pierce to destroy the X-Men's planes. He wants mutants to be stuck in Utopia. Later, Cyclops sends Cannonball's team to rescue Magik in Limbo, and the X-Club to figure out how to bring Bastion's towers down. Meanwhile, in the Sick Bay, Magneto wakes up from his coma and gets to know Hope better. By the time of Kurt's funeral, Beast arrives in the middle of the funeral procession and blames Scott for it. Everybody gathers around Kurt's coffin, as Iceman recites the lyrics of a song. Professor X, Storm, Beast, Colossus, Angel, Emma and Cyclops all remember Kurt with words, while his body is cremated. Wolverine then says he was his best friend and never treated him like an animal. He then warns Hope that she better be worth it.

There's not much Psylocke this issue besides tiny little cameos, so I won't be posting any scans. And in case anyone is interested, Rogue is seen during Kurt's funeral. She must have returned to Utopia off-panel.


Giles said...

Wolverine should have warned Fraction instead of Hope.

Anonymous said...

Besty should be saying something about Kurt and not Emma!

FSaker said...

From what I read, it seems the story and characterizations in this issue were a complete mess... is that true?

How sad, Kurt deserved better than this.

And yes, as much as I like Emma, she was never close to Kurt. Betsy was. She should be saying something about him.

Oh well, at least Prof.X and Storm got some speech time. Beast seems to be worse than ever, though.

Anonymous said...

Emma's words were ridiculous "His was the only chapel I ever set foot in". Really Emma? Ridiculous.

I hate hate hate that it was all about Cyclops. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

its official. I will not read uncanny until they change the writer. I hate it.

Anonymous said...

This issue was bad, The only good part was Logan;s words about Kurt. Why would Emma speak instead of Betsy. Ugh Fraction. Just ugh

Anonymous said...

so much for this 3 friends grow stronger BS! Kurts dead, Psylocke didnt speak at the funeral and Colossus doesn't seem to give a damn too occupied with Kitty!

I also find it supremely unrealistic that Colossus would not join the limbo team to go get Magick, it just wouldnt happen like that.

I really want Hope and Magneto to become close, if anyone is going to corrupt her it should be him.

Im really hoping that the new X-force team is Magneto, Psylocke, Wolverine, Fantomex and Deadpool. I will love some of the interaction between Betsy, Magneto and Logan I cant imagine the other two contributing much besides headaches however.If Betsy gets in to X-force her costume MUST have a mask.

Anonymous said...

I, too felt this was a weak issue. I have loved all the SC chapters so far, but this issue was unsatisfying.

Anonymous said...

This was abysmal. Awful & extremely messy. Cyclops in every other panel & the people that should have spoke on the page where everyone speaks... They give time to characters that did not even really know Kurt. Like Emma. & her line is... "His was the only chapel I ever set foot in." WOW.
Fraction really knows how to screw things up. I was getting excited for this storyline but now I will not be buying any more of these issues. Waiting for the reboot of everything at #1.
& if Psylocke is not on X-Force I'm going to be confused haha.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why everyone has such a problem with this issue I thought it was really good, Prof, Beast and Storm all returned there was lots of tension Magneto met Hope which i feel is going to be very important.

The only parts that didn't sit right with me was as pointed out Colossus suddenly being in the sick bay with Kitty, Karmas lack of shock and Wolverines awful attitude at the end. I know he is grieving but it isnt very respectable or mature of a warrior such as he to behave. Im so glad Betsy didnt stomp of with his little X-force crew strop.

Agreed Betsy should have been able to say something but then again many X-men didnt speak including Rogue.

Dammit Cable is far too sexy to die at the end of SC!

Anonymous said...

oh by the way who was the mysterious tattoed man?

Annoyed said...

The problem with this issue is that it had no emotional resonance whatsoever. What was with the Emma/Cyclops scene? Was that supposed to be cute? There's a dead body in front of you, people. In fact, why were the opening 5 pages dedicated to taking the attention OFF Kurt? More attention should have been paid to him. Why didn't Colossus seem to care as much about his good friend as everyone else (minus Cyclops) did? Why did Beast see the need to yell and spit at Cyclops WHILE he was carrying a dead body? I've never seen beast be so disrespectful, and Fraction is really cementing my hatred for Beast. I used to like the character so much before Fraction began using him. And for the love of humanity, can anyone explain to me why Fraction made Iceman a methodist? He's Jewish for one thing... for another, he's been written as a non-practicing WASP for over 50 years. If you really wanted to use the Catholic religion to honor Nightcrawler, there was Northstar to make use of. It would have given him something to do other than be Dazzler's gay best friend and background filler. My gosh... what happened here? This funeral should have just happened at the end of the storyline or in a one shot. Fraction seems to handle action plots a lot better than character driven ones. Let's work with his strengths Marvel editors.

The art also seemed completely wrong tonally. Also, at the end, who was the girl standing right next to Domino? I couldn't figure it out at all and just assumed it had to be a deformed X23. BTW, when did Rogue get back on the island? She didn't have a scratch on her, so I guess she still had access to Wolverine's healing factor as well.

Anonymous said...

The comment from "Annoyed" is spot on. This issue is ridiculously bad. Not buying anymore SC. Or Fraction titles ever.

Anonymous said...

I am done with Uncanny as well, I really want it to be good, but it seems to be getting worse. I seems when the writing is OK I get hopeful that its turning around, but it never does. At the fact of the matter is that it is never Great, OK is the best you can get.

Kelly said...

Giles said:
"Wolverine should have warned Fraction instead of Hope"

I laughed so hard haha. & it's very true. Unfortunate, but nothing good comes out of these titles anymore.
Fraction is not a good writer & does not know anything about the characters it seems. SO many good points in these coments lol

JJ Christopher said...

Why is it Marvel can't tell a fricken story EVER without killing someone? Heroes should overcome. This ridiculous repetitive death for dramatic effect CRAP is exactly why I don't buy comics anymore.