Monday, May 17, 2010

Solicits for August 2010

X-Men #2
Written by: Victor Gischler
Penciled by: Paco Medina
Cover by: Adi Granov
“Curse of the Mutants,” Part 2
Upon discovering that San Francisco has been invaded by Dracula and his vampire army, the X-Men set out to find the evil and destroy it. But when Blade the Vampire Slayer shows up and drops a bombshell, the X-Men realize all of their assumptions have been wrong. Their only chance to survive hinges on a desperate plan which might prove their undoing.

Uncanny X-Men #527
Written by: Matt Fraction
Penciled by: Whilce Portacio
Cover by: Terry Dodson
“The Five Lights”
The fallout of Second Coming is still taking its toll on the X-Men. We can’t tell you anything else until the end of Second Coming! Part 2 (of 5)


Anonymous said...

Slow months for Betsy. New X-Force can't come sooner!

Mtti said...

loving the maturity of Adi Granov's covers

Anonymous said...

X-men 2 kinda looks good. But yeah new X-Force needs to hurry up!

Anonymous said...

who dou tou think will be in each x-book after second coming?

so far we know

uncanny: emma, cyke, namor, magneto

legacy: rogue and magneto

x-force: wolvie, betsy, fantomex, deadpool and warren or magneto

x-men: after the vampires will consist of five or six people

who do you guys think/wish will be in each team?

FSaker said...

"who dou tou think will be in each x-book after second coming?"

Uncanny will most likely keep being about "the entire team", with the actual focus on Cyclops, Emma, Namor, Magneto and probably Kitty Pryde and Hope. Betsy will most likely cameo here and there, maybe get a secondary role in a story arc.

Legacy will definitely keep being focused on Rogue, with Magneto, Gambit and the X-students as secondary characters. But Carey said that in each arc he will assemble a different X-team like he did in Necrosha (of course, all of them will have Rogue), and we know he likes Psylocke, so she may get some spotlight in a future arc.

New X-Force will probably focus only on its team members, since it is a secret-ops team. If Psylocke is part of this team (as we suspect she is), this is where she'll truly shine; if she isn't, we probably won't see her in this title at all.

The new X-Men title, IMO, should be about the characters that aren't being developed in the other books (that is, no Cyclops, Emma, Rogue, Magneto, etc.). But since it is a new book, the writer may feel like using the most recognizable faces. I guess we'll see Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, and maybe Psylocke, Rogue and Gambit.

As for the other titles, New Mutants will certainly keep the same team members, and X-Factor will get Wolfsbane. In case Jubilee doesn't die in Curse of the Vampires, she could be sent to X-Factor as well, even if just to become their secretary who only appears in one page per issue.

FSaker said...

As for these previews, both covers look nice, but although I'm curious about the development of Curse of the Mutants, I'm displeased over the fact that besides the main arc it will have at least three tie-in issues (one for Storm and Gambit, one for Blade, and one that may become a series for Namor). Extending it too much may harm it a lot, and the expectations from readers aren't too high already.

As for Uncanny, maybe the stories can get better now. And I love the idea of Emma and Namor becoming a couple, they fit perfectly with each other. Sadly, Fraction will never break the Emma/Scott couple. And more sadly, he'll probably never write them as an INTERESTING couple as well (I'm not against Emma and Scott being a couple, but they're coming off really boring).

Anonymous said...

a team with Gambit, Psylocke, Wolverine, Storm and Colossus would rock!!! hope they keep this five as main characters in the X-Men after the vampires! Bu my hopes are all on a small team, being the field telepath, only female and maybe co-leader would finally do Betsy some justice!

Anonymous said...

Here's what I would love:


Yeah, it's the Australian outback team, with Longshot and Havok replaced by Northstar and Gambit. Psylocke will be asian, and Storm retains her powers. I can dream, right?