Thursday, April 1, 2010

X-Men: Second Coming Damage Report // Act 1

IGN talks with editor Nick Lowe about the opening salvo of Second Coming and what readers can expect over the next three months.

IGN Comics: This first issues deals with the entire X-Men roster in one form or another. Is that going to be the case for the whole crossover, or are we going to the team split into smaller groups as the story moves into the individual books?

Lowe: The crossover deals with the X-Men as a whole. We do see a little bit of splitting into groups at various points, but that really has to do with Cyclops' strategy. He's the main character in Second Coming. Him, Cable, Hope, and Bastion. If we had to boil it down to just one four-issue series, they would be our main characters. A lot of the X-Men have huge, important roles, of course, and big things happen to them, but as far as the main players it comes down to those four.

As far as the different sub-groups, Cyclops sends each of these smaller groups on missions to do different things he needs done. We're going to see what role the New Mutants play. There's the role X-Force plays at one point. In the first issue you see the team that we've been internally calling the Alpha Team. That's Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, X-23, Angel, and Illyana. That's the group Cyclops pulls together as his primary field team for the purpose of tracking Cable and Hope. So you have Wolverine and X-23 as your trackers. You've got a big strength force in Colossus. Psylocke is there not only because of her fighting skills but for the advantage of having a psychic on call. Angel provides air support and is someone who can move pretty darn quick. And then you have Magik as transportation for the whole team as well as her battle skills. So it's people Cyclops trusts and who can get around quickly and find Cable and Hope.

Uncanny X-Men #523 Preview
Chapter 2
Art by Terry Dodson

New Mutants #12 Preview
Chapter 3
Art by Ibraim Roberson

X-Men: Legacy #235 Preview
Chapter 4
Art by Greg Land

X-Force #26 Preview
Chapter 5
Art by Mike Choi


FSaker said...

I didn't read the text (I'm trying to avoid the spoilers this time; even avoided the scans from Second Coming #1), but fortunately the pages shown don't reveal much, so I could see them!

I like all the different styles of art so far, even though Dodson's more cartoonish style differs considerably from the more detailed styles from Roberson's and Choi's. But the three of them look great!

But I wonder why no pages from Land in X-Men Legacy were published in this article from IGN. Maybe Marvel is aware that most readers don't like his art and were scared that his preview pages could get a negative feedback?

I must admit that Land is my least favorite artist from the team of artists working in this event. I'd still like to see some pages from him, though, just to see if they are improved and if they blend well with the styles of the other artists...

Anonymous said...

Mike Choi drawing Betsy will be a dream come true!

FSaker said...

Hey, I found out that IGN did post a couple of Land's pages after all... and to my surprise, they look GOOD!

None of them has a panel with Betsy, but in case you guys want to see them (or in case LuckyStar wants to update her blog with them), here they are:

luckystar said...

OMG. Thanks Fsaker!

Land's art looks really good this time around!

Dodson is the only one I don't like. His art is too plain, lifeless to me... :/

Anonymous said...

nooooo i love Dodson >___<

Anonymous said...

Since when did Cameron Hodge transform into Mojo?

J77 said...

Hey, I found out that IGN did post a couple of Land's pages after all... and to my surprise, they look GOOD!

Yeah, Land can actually be good when he puts some effort to his work.

I think his problem is that it just takes a lot of time for him to do it. That's why he resorts to tracing.

FSaker said...

"Since when did Cameron Hodge transform into Mojo?"

Cool, isn't it? I guess it's an homage to the Xtinction Agenda event, when Hodge's head was attached to a Mojo-like body with a cybernetic extensible neck, very similar to this current body.

That was an awesome event, BTW. Hodge was a complete psycho in it. And Betsy was fierce (she had just been swapped to the Asian body), using a machine gun against him.

Poor New Mutants...

Sad Puppets! said...

does Betsy know that Warren is back to "Death" mode? If not, she's about to find out...

FSaker said...

@Sad Puppets! - Probably she doesn't know about it yet. Except for the short mission in the past with the X-Club, Betsy and Warren weren't shown hanging up a lot since her return (she seems to be mostly with Dazzler and Nightcrawler).

She'll probably be freaked out by the return of his "Death" mode, but I don't think she'll have a special reaction, probably it will be the same reaction as the one the other X-Men (minus Logan and Scott) will have...