Monday, September 21, 2009

X-Solicits for December 2009

Psylocke #2
Written by: Christopher Yost
Penciled by: Harvey Tolibao
Cover by: David Finch
Ninjas. Thugs. Armed bodyguards. Psylocke will cut through them all to exact her revenge upon Matsu’o—the man responsible for making her the ninja warrior that she is. Without provocation, he’s done the unthinkable. And Psylocke will ensure that he does not go unpunished.

X-Men: Legacy #230
Written by: Mike Carey & Duane Swierczynski
Pencils & Cover by: Daniel Acuña
It’s Rogue and Trance vs. Emplate - a villain who has single-handedly taken down teams of X-Men A-Listers. Do they stand a chance? We sure hope so as X-Men Legacy #231 is on sale two weeks later! Don’t miss the killer climax to the huge first arc of the new direction on X-Men Legacy! Plus, a Cable backstory!

Uncanny X-Men #518 & #519
Written by: Matt Fraction
Penciled by: Terry Dodson
Covers by: Terry Dodson (#518) & Greg Land (#519)
Cyclops takes a voyage into the head of Emma Frost in hopes of containing the horrifying piece of the villainous Void that has been stuck there since Utopia. Can they possibly defeat the awfulness that has haunted the most powerful being in the Marvel U? Tensions are rising on Utopia as the X-Men deal with the new members of their team and the fact that the island is…well…sinking. And Wolverine and a classic pal take one of the craziest journies you’ve ever seen. Parts 4 and 5 (of 8).

X-Force #22
Written by: Craig Kyle, Chistopher Yost & Duane Swierczynski
Pencils & Cover by: Clayton Crain
Variant Cover by: Clayton Crain
The unthinkable happens as Necrosha continues! Selene's actions on Genosha have changed everything, and while the X-Men were desperate to save their species... this isn't what they had in mind. But as the siege by dead mutants continues, things get even deadlier with the arrival of Selene's very much alive Inner Circle at the X-Men's headquarters. With Eli Bard in tow, Wither, Mortis, Senyaka and Blink have come for one thing, and anyone who gets in their way will die. Part 3 (of 6) Plus - A Cable backup sotry!

New Mutants #8
Written by: Zeb Wells
Penciled by: Diogenes Neves
Cover by: Adam Kubert
The New Mutants’ part in Necrosha comes to a close here! It’s Doug Ramsey and the Hellions vs. Sam and his crew and it ain’t looking good for our friends in the yellow and black. Part 3 (of 3)

Nation X #1
Written by: Simon Spurrier, James Asmus & Scott Snyder
Penciled by: David Lopez, Stephen Thompson & More
Cover by: Dustin Weaver
A mutant nation has been created on UTOPIA, off the coast of California. But what does that mean to the X-Men? Don’t miss the series that delves into the lives and minds of your favorite X-Characters. This issue stars Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and others!


Kike Galván said...

psylocke es la nueva wolverine, jajjaj esta en todas las portadas aunque realmente no haga nada!!! bien por ella la estan repopularizando////

Psylocke is the new Wolverine, she`s on all the covers, even she really don't do anithing on the histories, good 4 her, they're repopulariting her

FSaker said...

That's great, isn't it? So many covers with Psylocke in it... such a shame that the cover of her own mini is actually the ugliest one (and it makes us remember why her Hand suit is so frequently called as "thongkini" or "buttfloss"...).

I hope she really appears in X-Men Legacy, instead of being used in the cover only to guarantee sales.

Oh, and by the way, have you guys read the description of Uncanny X-Men #518 & #519? It says Wolverine goes to a crazy journey with "a classic pal". Hard to say who, since he has A LOT of classic pals (Nightcrawler, Colossus, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Domino, just to name a few), but Fraction mentioned in an interview some time ago that we would get to see some interaction between Logan and Betsy...

captainfur said...

The cover for Psylocke #2... looks a bit odd... I mean, anatomically... she looks like the ninjas are about to chop her head...

centurion said...

Good points from everyone! I am just glad that Betsy is back on the front page and removed from the void of obscurity!

FSaker said...

@captainfur - I think she looks like she's trying to hit the ninjas with her butt...

But she looks gorgeous in the Nation X #1 and X-Men Legacy #230's covers!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the Psylocke#2 cover. They may as well draw her naked since the thong is virtually non-existant. Her other covers are fantastic though.

Anonymous said...

OMFG! Legacy! One of the most beautiful Psylocke covers EVER!

centurion said...

The X-Men: Legacy 230 cover is beautiful as is Betsy. I like the silver hue to Betsy's hand uniform.

centurion said...

@Kike Galvan - You are right! As Marvel places Betsy in more books, she gets greater exposure and a wider audience. She's well covered in the comics and video games, now she needs a recurring role in Wolverine and the X-Men. Promoting Betsy to a recurring character in Wolverine and the X-Men would be a fine first step and helping to market her character on all fronts.

PsySpears said...

K,i actually really like the #2 cover the legacy one is nice too.Yeah this psylocke push is great,hopefully this time next year shes back to her top x-woman position :)

Anonymous said...

Did you guys notice the name of the 3rs part of the Messiah Saga? It's "The Second Coming". I love it! It fits with the whole messiah stuff. You know, "the second coming of the messiah/christ" etc. Nation X and Necrosha both will finish in March. It looks like the 3rd Messiah will begin sometime in April. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

lol her mini looks like sh*t. i'd like that person who yelled at everybody saying we have no proof they emphasize her ass shots in the actual x-books to take a look at her mini cover.

FSaker said...

Do you think "The Second Coming" is the third part of the Messiah Saga? I thought it would be called "Messiah" something, since the first two parts were called Messiah CompleX and Messiah War...

centurion said...

@Anonymous 5:02PM - Interesting analogy!

luckystar. said...

LOL. Her pose looks anatomically impossible. And the camel toe is gross. I hope it helps increase the sales tough.

FSaker said...

Oh, BTW, the Avengers solicits show that in January a new event will also begin in Marvel Universe, called "The Siege". Since the mutants will have an event of their own, "The Second Coming", I wonder if it means they will stay out of The Siege...

I hope they don't; I'd love to finally see Betsy taking part of a major Marvel storyline (yeah, she participated of Maximum Security, but that saga was really badly written...)!

luckystar. said...

I also tought "The Second Coming" was the name of the third Messiah Part. Tough it's weird they didn't name it Messiah something? Lol.

God, I really hope Carey writes Psylocke im Necrosha!

Psychilde said...

These are the best Psylcoke solicits I have ever seen!!!
And I like Psylocke 2's cover, even if she is a bit...skinny in the middle : )(Plus what do u guys think the terrible act Matsu'o inflicts on Betsy is?? you dont think he rapes her do you?!!?!)
And X-Men legacy is one of the best covers of Betts I have ever seen! Is it a part of Necrosha?? However it does say emplate takes down a team of X-Men A-Listers so let's hope he doesnt take down Betts : )
I really hope its Psylocke who goes on the trip with Wolverine, that would really be great :D
Plus who are the two villans on the cover of X-Force??
Also do you think Doug's return will be addressed by Betsy, or hidden into comic limbo and obscurity???
Finally i really love nation X's cover, I especially like how Betts is in the forefront : ) but whats intriging is how Trance is put up at the front while characters like angel, gambit and pixie are left in the background with no faces lol
sorry i spoke to much but i would really appreciate it if you guys responded : )

Kike Galván said...

@centurion it wold be great betsy as a mayor role in W/XM... she needs to have this oportunity, cuz all of them have this, rogue, storm, etc etc, i would like that she became a fighter with honor and take her to the next level, like when she was bitchie with jean

centurion said...

@Psychilde - Hi. What a wonderful torrent of intriguing questions! We always want to hear from you because you make very interesting comments :) Don't worry about being verbose :)

I will try to address the first one because it may be a profoundly relevant question to the focus of the upcoming Psylocke miniseries itself. In a manner of speaking, Betsy was already symbolically "raped" by being placed into the body of Kwannon against her own will.

It has to have had a tremendous impact on her sense of self, in the way that the former Ms. Marvel & Rogue bond did. We just need to see what Betsy herself has to say about it after so many years of being in Kwannon's body. Whatevever the "terrible act" is that Matsuo inflits on Betsy in the miniseries, it may possibly be linked to her old English body, the English/Asian body transformation, or some new malevolent plan Matsuo has for Psylocke that we haven't seen yet. I am eagerly awaiting this miniseries, because it will give Psylocke the chance to put some demons to rest and develop her character even further. I don't recall, but has Psylocke ever weighed in on the body swap from her own point of view?

Regarding Wolverine and Betsy, yes, I am completely in support of Betsy and Wolverine teaming up in Japan. If this does happen, it will bring back fond memories of their adventures in Asia and Madripoor.

Not sure if Doug will be mentioned in the miniseries, but there is always a possibility that he may be mentioned in Uncanny or another X-Book related to Betsy.

The Nation X cover is fantastic. Regardless of the anti-Betsy criticism, she is one of the most endearing female X-Men characters and one of the longest and most trusted on the team.


Tyrannosaurus-Lex said...

UGH. As a fan of Betsy and ninjas, I would be embarrassed to walk into a store and buy Psylocke #2.

Anonymous said...

amen brother!

I frequently stand up for the ninja butt floss but im not standing up for that cover at all, Shes got blow job lips, an impossible doll like figure that could only be seen on Jessica Rabbit and she might aswell not even have anything covering her private parts for all the good its doing her. Such a shame because with a few tasteful modifications this could have been a completely awesome cover.

The legacy cover is however very awesome as she is complete centre stage with the A listers surrounding her. Prefer the black suit with lilac sash colour scheme too. Hopefully she wil be appearing inside and not just a cover whore like logan.

As for Doug i would be really suprised if Betsy gets a mention because its a very old part of her history and theres SO MUCH going on at the moment!!!

centurion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
centurion said...

Yes. Psylocke - as is Emma Frost to a certain degree - is a X-Woman who has been overly sexualized throughout the years, and that has in some ways impeded her development as a character. Regardless of this tendency to characterize her this way, she is still a compelling character and among my top five X-Girls (Betsy, Jean, Rogue, Storm and Emma)

Finch's Psylocke #2 cover is beautiful, but if you peruse it for sexual references, they seem quite obivous. In the Psylocke #2 solicit, the Hand assassin has his hand - no pun intended - on Psylocke's thigh as though it were simulating a sexual gesture.

I don't see anything wrong with purchasing this comic from a brick and mortar store. I would do it. I'm more interested in Betsy's character development and the writers' attempt to resolve some of the nebulous issues in Betsy life that have plagued her for decades.


Anonymous said...

They should make the Psylocke mini into an ongoing series.

centurion said...

@Victor - Right on!

Anonymous said...

oh my god can u imagine id die and go to heaven!

Yeah i wouldnt not buy the comic because of the bad issue im just saying it is flamebait for all the butttfloss haters.