Friday, September 18, 2009

More Updates: MUA2 & Psylocke Mini

+ Psylocke Mini

Chris Yost twittered about Psylocke's mini. The writer said: "Psylocke covers by Finch rule. Interiors by Harvey rule. life is good." I guess it's safe to assume David Finch will be drawning all four covers.

+ Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

With the release of MUA2, a lot of videos are popping up. Check nivlakian's channel on Youtube to see Psylocke in action!


Adam said...

Looks like she has a good mix of ranged and up close attacks. She's be a popular character for sure!

Askanipsion said...

Betsy can also surround herself with butterflies that act as a shield

- summon a psi-knife
- enhance her melée attacks with tk energy
- create a tk burst around herself

she really kicks ass in the game!

centurion said...

Simply beautiful! I am going to get it tomorrow.

Psychilde said...

WOW, i really really hope shes dlc for ps3, just gonna have to wait and see : )
btw Dark X-Men: The Confession preview is up at
although i sincerly doubt Betts will be in it, it's just a scott and emma story bout when they revealed their secrets to each other that night, just thought I'd say for people who are intressted in the Utopia storyline, fills in a few plot line : )

centurion said...

@Psychilde - Thanks!

Vice_Mature said...

She's actually a great melee fighter.

Add points to her Psychic Enhancement passive, Psi-Blade, and Mental Shroud and she will massacre enemies quickly. Equip the medal boost +15 Striking and any other melee attacks and she'd be even better. As far as bosses go, she's pretty good against them but she wouldn't be able to kill them as fast as say... Invisible Woman with Kinetic Surge. Still good tho.

Don't bother with Kinetic Drill. It sucks. Cerebral Bolt is only useful until you unlock the more powerful Butterfly Swarm (the one that acts as a "shield", but stuns enemies). Telekinetic Explosion is okay to knockback enemies if you don't have a fusion bar... but if you don't have the points to spare for it, don't bother.

I would rate priority growth like so:

Psychic Enhancement
Butterfly Swarm
Mental Shroud
Telekinetic Explosion
Cerebral Bolt
Kinetic Drill

Selene said...

I just noticed;"mental shroud" must be a telepathic power.That means Betsy is primarily a telekinetic with a small amount of telepathy in the game,just as she claimed in Uncanny X-Men #512.

centurion said...

@Selene - Yes. Maybe Betsy's abilities in MUA2 are being made to coincide with those within the comics.

Soultapestry said...

Just finished MUA2 for PS3. Loved it and can't wait to play the opposite position; I also hope Betsy will be available for download soon!

Hey, what's her alternate uniform?

sublimeclown said...

I'm pretty sure there are not alternate uniforms for the Wii.

FSaker said...

It's sad to see how "blocky" this picture shows Psylocke... come on, there's no excuse for that; even the first games released for PlayStation 2 in general presented better graphics than that. Both PS2 and Wii can handle better graphics than that.

Fortunately, I saw some videos of this game in YouTube and despite the blocky graphics, the game looks much better in motion, and also seems more intuitive than the first MUA game. And Psylocke seems to be a great character, kinda like a mix of Jean Grey and Elektra! I'm sure it will be great when I get this game and can play as Psylocke; now I just need to decide which characters to put in her team (for the Anti-SHRA side, I guess Iron Fist, Daredevil and Gambit, alongside Betsy, would make a nice martial artists team... for the Pro-SHRA side, maybe a "girl power" team putting Betsy to work with Songbird, Ms. Marvel and Jean).

centurion said...
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centurion said...

@Fsaker - I should have gotten the PS3 version... You are right about the Wii graphics, though.


FSaker said...

@centurion - Why? Is the Wii version bad? Despite the poor graphics, I've read some opinions online and most of the players seem to have enjoyed it.

Well, LuckyStar, have you seen the X-solicits for December at CBR? Lots of covers with Psylocke... ironically, the ones for X-Nation and X-Men Legacy (where she'll probably have very little cameos) are gorgeous, while the cover of the second part of her own mini is quite bad (and it makes us remember why we call her suit "thongkini" or "buttfloss"...).

centurion said...

@Fsaker - Hi. Honestly, let me retract that statement... I read the review before playing it, and it is not good to prematurely rate a game before playing it oneself. I'm wrong. Actually, I still have the game in the factory shrink-wrap. I will play it today and report on my own judgement.