Friday, September 11, 2009

X-Position: Chris Claremont

Claremont joins X-Position today to respond to your many emails about his current title as well as past X-experiences.

While I understand all the absent X-Men are in other places of the world (i.e. Psylocke in England, Colossus in Russia), what was the reasoning for sending these characters away from the X-Men? Psylocke, Colossus, Banshee, Forge and Jubilee were good friends of Wolverine and it seems odd that they would be excluded from a story in which he was killed. Plus, why did they not even get a mention in the story as being absent or away from the drama of Storm’s apparent betrayal?

Chris Claremont: Here's the problem with a 22-page comic: the writer only has so many pages and so many panels in which to tell the story. Both the joy and frustration with the format is that I, as the writer, must keep a sharp focus on how I use the space allotted to me. Rest assured that (just as in our world) there are things going on around and beyond the story shown. In this case, indeed, Charlie and Scott have contacted everyone to alert them of the danger. There are parallel stories to Forever's main thread.


centurion said...

I've been reading X-Men Forever since its debut several months ago. I enjoy it, and the writing is improving, that's for sure. However, having been a child of the 90s Uncanny X-Men, the book currently feels naked without Psylocke, Forge, Banshee, Jubilee et. al. prominent X-Men, and I miss their presence.

Claremont is correct in a sense. X-Men can still be members of the team although not spatially close to each other.

I would love to see how Betsy develops in Forever once she returns to the team. The setting of X-Men: Forever occurs after X-Men 3, so to my knowledge, Betsy was still a ninja. She was always an asset to the X-Men.

Anonymous said...

Realy? im the opposite, as nice as it is to see Jean back and in a rather cool X-men Blue team outfit I must say Ive got absolutley no patience left for Claremont.

centurion said...

@Anonymous 10:22PM: It is hard to top the X-Men Blue team from the 1990s. I am still enjoying XM: Forever and will give Claremont the opportunity to improve the book even further in the coming months. My biggest complaint is the absence of notable X-Men such as Betsy, Iceman, Banshee and so many other memorable characters from that age. I guess if I could best define my feelings about XM: Forever's growth, it would be cautiously optimistic. A telepathic Betsy would be an asset at this moment in the storyline.