Friday, September 18, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #515 Preview

Cover by: Greg Land
Writer: Matt Fraction
Pencils: Greg Land
Inks: Jay Leisten
Colored by: Justin Ponsor
Lettered by: VC - Joe Caramagna

The Story: The effects of UTOPIA are felt here! One of the original X-Men makes his exit!

In Stores: September 23, 2009


Psychilde said...

ermmm what the hell!
i have never seen that cover before and who are these new people??? new villains i supposse, they may have potential bout time theres some new recurring villans instead of recycled old ones.
Didn't even know uncanny was coming out this week lol

centurion said...

@Psychilde - My sentiments exactly! Looks like some mutant is being assaulted by a posse of new villains. All I am interested in is Betsy's role in the upcoming arc.


Adam said...

Ha ha. I like "Bouncing Betty: named Betty, bounces"

The villain is Scalphunter, a former member of the Marauders who has a non-agression pact with the X-men. This Lobe guy looks interesting. Can't wait to read it.

C'mon Centurion. You must be interested in some other character besides Betsy. How about Beast? Or Anole? That Anole's kind of fun, don't you think?

Bouncing Betsy said...

i like the art but fraction's stories are so dumb. lol @ those fail villains. Bouncing Betty. Naked Sunlight Girl. Can't wait until he gets fired and they hire someone else. Chris Yost for Uncanny!

I'm glad they stuck that slut in her diamond form for good. Now TRUE powerful telepaths can get some attention.

centurion said...

@Adam - Yes, of course I am, but Betsy is one my favorites ;)


centurion said...

@Adam - I guess what is going on with Betsy is more important to me :)

Anon.two said...

I think the inker works well with Land's art. Tones it down a bit.

captainfur said...

I'm already spotting like a dozen swipes in Lands pencils.

And only in the first five pages! Amazing...

FSaker said...

Wow... I like Fraction's stories in general, but these new villains really suck. "Thug"? "Bouncing Betty"? WTF, can we create more generic or stupid names than these???

And when I first saw these pages, I thought the woman in the black slutty dress was the Red Queen... Actually, I'd prefer if she were indeed the Red Queen with a new Brotherhood; it would make more sense than a group of unknowns appearing out of nowhere and that will probably be sent to the editorial limbo once this arc is over.

Oh well, I hope the rest of the issue is better than these first pages and focuses in the X-Men's current situation. And although I'd love Betsy to be a central part in it, I guess Namor, Beast, Xavier and Emma are the ones who need to be developed in their current situations.