Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evolution Revolution: Matt Fraction

In today’s installment of Evolution Revolution, “Utopia” writer Matt Fraction gets CBR ready for the story’s final act by offering insight and commentary on all the action and intrigue of “Uncanny” #514.

CBR: Cyclops briefs four different characters on the current situation and the parts they’re to play in what comes next. Why did you choose these four particular characters?
Matt Fraction: This was really a payoff of a year of rebuilding the X-Women. These four women are all key components to Scott’s master plan, and it was a nice change to put these four together instead of Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Beast. So it was a chance to do something different and not quite as status quo.

CBR: You end things with Psylocke and the X-Men Science Club on an undersea mission for Cyclops.
Matt Fraction: Yes, please notice the nice X-shaped windshield. Terry Dodson, ladies and gentlemen. That wasn’t in the script. It’s just pure Terry.

CBR: How important is the Science Team’s mission?
Matt Fraction: The science team’s mission is everything.

CBR: Are there any clues in this scene as to what the Science Club’s sub is moving over? It looks like some type of mysterious technology?
Matt Fraction: You could probably extrapolate some guesses. There is something in the bay that Scott has tasked this team to bring to the surface. When we reveal what the thing at the bottom of the water is then the stakes become really clear.

Fraction looks ahead to “Dark Avengers #8” / “Utopia” Part Five

We reveal who Dani is meeting with. We get another and much more gruesome look at the Omega Machine. The Science Club’s plan is revealed. Dark Beast gets the surprise of his life. The Dark Avengers find themselves once again in position to be daddy’s favorites. Wolverine’s squad makes their move and a couple of characters are going to make pretty big choices. There’s lots of ins, outs and what-have-yous, and by the end Scott Summers gives the press conference to end all press conferences.


Seccruz said...

Fraction is delivering quite a solid story. Can't wait for Dark Avengers 8.

centurion said...

The cover to UXM 517 is beautiful. I would like to see Emma and Psylocke on the same X team in the future. Maybe some cat-fighting over Cyclops :)


captainfur said...

Really looking forward to it.

BTW, David Finch has posted his Psylocke's pencils in his blog, http://davefinchart.blogspot.com/2009/08/psylocke.html

centurion said...

Thanks for the link, Captainfur.