Friday, August 14, 2009

X-Men: Legacy #227 Preview

Cover by: Terry Dodson
Writer: Mike Carey
Pencils: Dustin Weaver
Inks: Ed Tadeo
Colored by: Brian Reber
Lettered by: VC's - Cory Petit

The Story: Utopia Tie-In - While San Francisco is still reeling from the onslaught of the Dark Avengers, Rogue struggles to cope with the power and perspective of a God, the young X-student Trance undergoes a terrifying transformation, and X-Men Legacy takes a dramatic new direction.

In Stores: August 19, 2009

* I know this isn't Psylocke-related, but I thought it'd be nice for us to have something to talk about while we wait for Dark Avengers, and it's still Utopia, so... I hope you don't mind! :D


centurion said...

I'm glad to see Rogue and Gambit back together on the pages of an X-book. It reminds me of the glory days of Jim Lee's run on the X-Men. I would eventually like to see Betsy in the forefront of an X book with Rogue and Gambit.

What I truly want is for Psylocke and Rogue to reminisce about their Australian outback days. Wasn't one of the earlier XM-Legacy arcs this year about Rogue and the Outback? I can see Rogue and Psylocke bonding with each other again, that is, if the writers choose to develop that friendship again, because they were inseperable friends in the 80s and 90s. When Rogue had her Ms. Marvel crisis, Betsy was there to facilitate her recovery as the team telepath. Another strange occurence that resembles a Psylocke/Rogue friendship is the X-Men Evolution cartoon, where the characer, Risty, (perhaps influenced by Psylocke), bonded with Rogue in High School. Although there is no unequivocal proof of this, it makes one wonder if the writers of that series were somehow aware of Psylocke and Rogue's close friendship in the comics.

At any rate, I can't wait for the release of Legacy # 227.


Soultapestry said...

"I'm Mindee; there isn't a Candy." LOL! I like how her name is a subject of comedy. Woulda been funny if Ariel was like, "Whatever IRMA!"

centurion said...

Good one, Soulapestry :)

Anonymous said...

Throwing in my two cents on the whole Rogue Psylocke friendship,I know people wont agree with me but:

Although they were together for a very long time in the comics they hardly had even any dialogue together at all, Betsy actually had far more interaction with the Danvers persona than she ever did with Rogue. Psylocke saw through the cliche cajun pretty fast too and having hooked up with Angel the whole marauders massacre thing drove a further wedge between the two women. Then we have the Vargas mess, Betsy lays down her life for Rogue and then Rogue dresses up to avenge Psylocke but then decides against it even lying to hank about him being dead. Its Hank who bothers to put up the memorial for Betsy at the mansion and Rogue never mentions her teammate again whom sacrficed her life for her. Fast forward to since her resurrection, they haven't had any interaction together at all, until last issue where Rogue teleports on the roof and Psylocke instantly leaves! doesnt seem like a good friendship to me :(

On the other hand Danger is freakin awesome I hope she remains a permanent X-men member.

Psychilde said...

I'm loving legacy at the moment, it's rare a book can carry off only having 3 main characters, but it works perfectly, and i also like trance, me thinks she'll be a new main character along with some other X-Students, i think Rouge's gonna be starting up a new squad. I think some writer said that characters like bling! and hellion and surge would be joining, i hope they do because i was worried that after the san fran move, the x-students would fade into obscurity. Is anyone else worried that the X-Men hasnt got any 'established' members, it seems to me that any mutant available is part of the X-Men, characters like Nekra, frenzy and Dragoness, random mutants that just seem to be helping the X-Men even though they're enemies??? Just a thought. I said to much.

centurion said...

No, you said much that was very important, because I noticed this too while reading Uncanny. Yes, Psychilde, I agree with you about the seemingly lack of established characters on the X-Men; there are too many transient characters in the X-Men these days. It may even be right to argue that there are too many characters in Uncanny and too few in Legacy. Colossus, Wolverine and Cyclops are regulars in Uncanny, but many others are just present for a few episodes, then depart, or are placed on the sidelines. I would love to have a core Uncanny team comprised of Psylocke, Wolverine, Helion, Beast, Cyclops, and a few of the other more recent notable characters like Northstar. Psylocke is well able to mentor some of the younger, less experienced x-team members; she should get a team of her own.

captainfur said...

Reading comments made above, I've found myself acknowleding that both sides are in fact correct. They SEEMED close during the outback era, but writers never gave any sign of counting on that, what gave us all those years of zero Rogue-Psylocke relationship.

Sadly, I'm still firm in my belief that what Betsy NEEDS as a character to grow and evolve is some time of story arcs focused solely on her, it's getting to the point when I don't know any longer who is she, and I've read any single issue she has appeared in, but as each writer uses only the part that fit his interests, she has become some kind of plot device. The first time I heard about the upcoming Psylocke's mini I had faith, but then again, how can anybody re-stablish her without counting with her chaotic recet history. I'm sure Craig Kyle means well, but I'm thinking he's only writing a "going from a to b" commissioned story, and that's sad.

Sometimes I even wish Joe Kelly could have made the real "Psy-War" he planned and killed Psylocke there. She has been that blue bathing suit Elektra ninja rip-off for waaaay too long.

And now I present my most sincere apologies for any fatal error in my writing, butenglish is only my third language.