Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Terry Dodson on Uncanny X-Men #504 Cover

Uncanny X-Men artist Terry Dodson has talked about issue #504 cover and reveals who is the lady next to Psylocke:

"It's the British Psylocke. The cover reflects one of the storylines featuring Emma investigating Scott's mindscape with all the various women from his life. The Storm on the cover is actually the mohawked 80's version. Also, in the background of page 9 panel 2 behind Emma you see 3 little figures - one of those is the British Psylocke. There lots of little hidden gems in there."

And there is more! Terry Dodson adds that "The initial idea [to include British Psylocke on the cover] came up because there's the little scene with her in the background panel and I thought it would make a great cover showing both of them together as it's impossible for them to be together (under normal circumstances, which the cover wasn't). It's always fun to add a mystery element to a cover to get readers to pick up the issue."

When asked about why Jean Grey wasn't included on the cover, he says: "Good observation - if you look at the issue there are NO redheads at all in Scott's mindscape as this is a story point of the issue and of things to come and also, none of the teen New Mutant / Young X-Men characters are there (for obvious reasons)."

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FSaker said...

That's a nice discovery! I thought the pink-haired woman was Dazzler, but she does look more like British Psylocke. Both of her incarnations look great in that cover!

It's quite weird that Jean was forgotten in the cover, though. Same thing with Madelyne Pryor; since both are Scott's former wives, one would expect them to be among the various women of his life...