Saturday, February 7, 2009

New York Comic Con 2009: X-Men Announcements

Now let's check what was said about the X-Verse in general. The announcements in the panel were:

X-Men Forever is a bi-weekly series that brings writer Chris Claremont back to the X-Men with artist Tom Grummett. The story will pick up where X-Men #3 left off, with Magneto dead and the X-Men greatly changed. It begins in May 2009 with X-Men Forever Alpha, collecting X-Men Vol. 2 Issues #1-3, plus a new eight-page story. Then X-Men Forever will begin with a new #1 issue in June.

Note: As we all know Psylocke was part of the Blue X-Men when X-Men #1-3 was published, so it's quite possible that she will show up in this new series. Betsy had just became a ninja, still doubting her loyalty and her place among the X-Men. So what would happen to Psylocke after X-Men #3 had Claremont never left? We'll see!

Other announcements include the cancellation of Young X-Men with issue #12 and more:

Old Man Logan Giant-Sized Special
, which concludes the Old Man Logan story by writer Mark Miller and artist Steve McNiven.

New Mutants is a new ongoing series by writer Zeb Wells and Diogene Neves that begins in May and features the classic characters from New Mutants.

Dark Wolverine, the story in the Wolverine ongoing series that will begin with Issue #75 in June, causing the title to be renamed to reflect its tie-in to the 'Dark Reign' story. Written by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu.

X-Force: Sex & Violence, a painted three-issue mini-series starring Wolverine and Domino that comes out in late 2009 from writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, and artist Gabriele Dell'Otto.

GeNext United, which is the return to the future world of the children of the Children of the Atom. The five-issue mini-series will begin in May by writer Chris Claremont.

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