Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Exiles #18 Spoilers

Spoilers: After last issue's big battle, Mystiq and Betsy mourn Cat's death, Gambit helps rebuilding the town and Rogue spends more time with Colyn. This world's President and Nerimani both agree that Lilandra will remain in exile on earth while Nerimani will assume the Shi'ar throne. Morph decides to stay with Nerimani, to make sure he leaves things in this world better than when they came. Rogue decides to stay too for she has found true love with Colyn. Mystiq, Sabretooth, Gambit and Psylocke leave and return to the Crystal Palace where they meet Sage. Tessa explains that she has merged the essence of her being with that of the palace and that whenever someone tries to communicate with the palace, they'll be talking to her. Betsy gets mad at Sage and run away. Tessa says she did what she had to do because the palace had lost its soul and because of that, whole dimensions were ending and the omniverse was dying. The palace wanted Cat at first, but Sage thought she was too young and couldn't handle it. Psylocke and Sage have a heart-to-heart and Betsy asks her what if this has no going back to what Sage responds that she simply doesn't care: she says she has a sense of everything and might as well make existence a better place. Meanwhile Gambit is swimming on the Crystal Palace's ocean where he finds Valeria Richards (from New Exiles Annual). Valeria simply says she was able to find the palace because she is smart. Sage gathers the team and send them on another mission while Morph returns to the Crystal Palace saying he couldn't leave his teammates. Another day, another mission. Something has happened on Gambit's earth: The Black Panther's people killed Gambit's father (Namor) so he decided to stay on his homeworld with his family as the new king. The Exiles and their allies finally defeat Black Panther and free Gambit's world. A couple of days later... the team spends some downtime together on the beach and Psylocke and Sabretooth make out (yes, they did it!). At night the team (Sabretooth, Psylocke, Mystiq, Valeria, Morph and Sage) look at the stars. They say they'll start again and look after everyone and every place. End!

Next: X-Men - Sword of the Braddocks!

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