Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Marvel One on One: Matt Fraction & British Psylocke!

Writer Matt Fraction joins Assistant Editor Ben Morse in the the Studio to talk about INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, UNCANNY X-MEN and more in the latest episode of our Marvel One on One video series. He didn't say anything about Psylocke, but behind him there's an upcoming cover for Uncanny X-Men by Greg Land featuring both Asian and British Psylocke! Maybe British Psylocke is the 'resurrection' they've teased about on NYCC!


Anonymous said...

Ignoring the fact that she looks like porn star, THAT'S AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Pedro_Berenguer said...

:D X-cellent News!

Francis said...

...british psylocke?!
what if she retains her telepathy again (in addition of teke even better)x.traordinary

Anonymous said...

This is cool, despite the porni-ness of the image (I think the woman villains in the other cover look equally so)

I just hope that they dont "ressurect" Kwanon. I may be wrong, but I thought I read something about a grave robbery associated with this story line.

FSaker said...

I read at the CBR forums (don't remember which topic) that Claremont tried to return Psylocke to her British body for several times, but someone always prevented him from doing so. It also seems that many readers prefer her as the Asian ninja that wears buttfloss while delivering high kicks.

So maybe when Claremont said his Psylocke one-shot would end up with "readers completely frustrated", it means she will return to her British body. I wonder HOW will that happen, though.

Nevertheless, this cover is GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

first of all psylocke NEVER looks like a porn star

OMG i love her weather kwannon comes back or betsy given her orginal form back(and possibally powers) rocks
i hope warren and her get back together