Saturday, February 7, 2009

New York Comic Con 2009: Psylocke

Marvel's X-Men panel Friday at NYCC focused on announcements about a variety of new comic series coming out this year and some more teasing. Not much was said about Psylocke that we didn't know already. Take a look: Claremont is writing a one-shot next month, Sword of the Braddocks, reuniting Psylocke and Captain Britain and resolving certain story arcs from Exiles. Fraction says it would be great to see Greg Land draw Psylocke.

CBR: Psylocke will be appearing in "Sword of the Braddocks," Claremont said, "resolving some of the storylines from Exiles and leaving readers totally frustrated." Again, David misheard the title as "Sort of the Braddocks."

IGN: Psylocke? Sword of the Braddocks - reunites Psylocke and Captain Britain. Resolves certain story arcs that have been running in Exiles.

Newsarama: Claremont: She's in Sword of the Braddocks reuniting her with Captain Britain.


FSaker said...

"Leaving readers totally frustrated"?? What does Claremont mean?? I hope the bastard isn't planning on killing Psylocke again...

Seriously, this sentence got me very concerned about Betsy. I hope Claremont isn't intending to block her from the Uncanny X-Men's Sisterhood story arc, because it seems to be amazing. And it's time for her to come back to the X-Men (or at least to Earth-616).

Anonymous said...

Well, there are three possibilities I can think of when reading Claremont's statement:

1) She'll die. However, since Matt Fraction said she will appear in UXM's Sisterhood arc, that's very unlikely;

2) She'll be depowered. It would be sad, but I can live with that. Plus, Betsy doesn't need powers to kick anyone's ass...

3) She'll return to her original British body. Many X-Men readers prefer her in her Asian body, so maybe that's why there'll be "readers totally frustrated". I would like that change, though; Betsy's life is so messy that returning to her old body may help it be a little less messy.