Tuesday, October 21, 2008

X-Position: Paul Cornell

Captain Britain and MI:13 writer, Paul Cornell talks about Betsy on his X-Position at CBR.

With Psylocke being Brian’s twin sister and rumored to be returning to the real 616 universe soon, is there any chance of her making a cameo in the title? What about Meggan? You’ve done a magnificent job with the cast of your title and I’d love to see your take on both characters.

Thanks very much, RedRogue. I'm a bit stymied by wanting to keep my surprises close to my chest, but let's just say that I love both characters (my wife loves to play Psylocke on that X-Men beat ‘em up game you find in arcades), and would love to write for either of them -- which doesn't mean they'll both be appearing!

The redefinition and clarification of Brian's power-set was much needed and appreciated, but I've always wondered about his (and Betsy's) hinted origins being more products of genetic engineering by their father and Merlyn. Any chance you'll ever delve into that? It does seem curious due to the sort of power fluctuations both have had over the years, especially since it was initially hinted that the twins might've been engineered to take Merlyn's place and rule together. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks very much, Jarrod. I think Merlin's plans change over time. He's not omniscient, though he'd often like us to think that. He's set up Brian now as he wants and needs him to be. I don't know if I'd like to get into the origin stuff, because I do like to move forward, though I can see the attraction. It rather feels like something for way down the line, after we've got lots of nice big story under our belts.

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